Translation report part 5: GDevelop (1010 words)

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This post is published in relation to the @utopian-io & @davinci.polyglot translation project, by a selected Translator for the Italian language

Project details and translation's reason

The project translated today is called GDdevelop. This site allows anyone to create a game in an easy and intuitive way, without the need to be an expert programmer. The strengths of this product are numerous:

  • it allows you to create games for iOS, Android or desktop;
  • it is completely open source and thanks to this feature can be improved by external developers who want to try to increase the performance of this website;
  • The creation of games is very well suited to the skills of both a less well-prepared computer users and those who have more skills.

This project that has given to me is very stimulating and it is a very interesting project.
All these motivations are a great incentive to run this work.


Check out the whole project on Github

Contribution specification

My role as a translator remains unchanged and consists in translating English words into Italian ones in the most appropriate way possible, trying to create the maximum harmony between English and its translation into Italian.

Translation Overview

This is my fifth post of the GDdevelop project.
Gdevelop is a software that allows you to create 2D games without special programming requirements and my job is to translate strings related to this software. Generally the covered topics are inherent to the structures that allow the construction of a game.
In these thousand words I have found many new topics and words, among which I can mention: Sentences related to the camera and it’s use, positioning, functions, etc., sentences related to time scales, sentences related to joysticks and to the Keyboard and other various topics related to the creation of the game.

Excerpts of my work

Below I propose some significant strings that help to better understand the work I have done translating these 1000 words:



Change the X position of the center of the specified camera.


The width of camera PARAM2 of layer PARAM1 is PARAM3__PARAM4


This action modifies the angle of a camera in the specified layer.


This action modifies the size of a camera of the specified layer. The zoom will be reset.

keyboard, joysticks...


Built-in extension that enables the use of a keyboard


Test if a key, retrieved from the result of the expression, is pressed


Test if a button on a joystick is pressed.


Save in PARAM3 the value of axis PARAM2 of joystick PARAM1

Time scale...


The time scale of layer PARAM1 is PARAM2__PARAM3


Layer time scale


Change layer time scale


Source language: English

Target language: Italian

To check my previous experiences as a translator you can consult my application

Word count

Words Translated: 1010

Proof of authorship

You can lookup Crowdin project on the following link, as well as the summary of my activities

link 1
link 2


Some phrases have been taken from my previous post

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Hi @filippocrypto!

Thank you for your contribution.

The post is well written and discussed.
The overall accuracy of the text translated is of a good quality and most of the strings are very well translated; no errors found.
Keep up the good work!

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