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RE: SteemContext: Save time switching Steem apps with this Chrome Extension!

in #utopian-io6 years ago (edited)

Hi, you should keep in mind that if you want to submit your work in Utopian, you need to have proper description in readme file, ideally with steps to run and/or test the project locally, and a friendly license.

This is enough for a Utopian moderator to reject your effort.

I recently discovered , maybe you could include it in your list.


Thank you @espoem, I indeed forgot to include a readme.

It's now done, alongside the MIT license and also, included a .zip release for those who want to load the extension directly on Chrome without passing by the store.

Next step is making it Firefox compatible. It's already half done.

Thank you!

Aren't you moderator as well? Just wondered.
And are mods sometimes making exceptions? Since I think this is really cool and should get approved...

Yes, I am but I am not going to review this contribution in Utopian. I am leaving a note so @hernandev can fix it and others can see that it was already pointed out. He is not a new contributor and he should avoid making such mistake.

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