dPoll development update: Introducing multi choice polls and new content filters

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See it online at dpoll.xyz, and the source code at github repository.

dPoll is a poll application on the top of STEEM blockchain. It utilizes an account based voting and stores poll and voting data on the blockchain.

We have deployed a couple of new features to our production environment in the last couple of days.

Multi Choice Polls

This was one of the requested features for a while. Poll creators has a new option to allow multiple votes on choices. Multiple choice selection is disabled by default, however if you have a case where you think multiple choices make sense, make sure to tick that checkbox.

With this change, we also had to change the signature of the data stored on the blockchain. Transactions broadcasted by dpoll/0.0.1 was having a single vote field for the selected choice. This is removed and replaced with a list of choices called as votes.

New Content Filters

Our homepage was listing all polls ordered by creation date. We have released new content filters:

Lists active polls by creation date.

Lists active polls by voter count.

Lists active polls by promotion amount.

Poll Promotion

Creating a poll at dPoll gives you direct feedback from multiple users in our community. It doesn't matter they follow you on Steemit or not, a lot of users skim the homepage and engage with the polls.

If you think you have an important poll and want to get maximum exposure for it, it's now possible to promote your poll at dPoll. Transferring SBD to the @dpoll.promotion account will register your poll as promoted in our systems.

Promoted polls are listed separately in /promoted page. Additionally, if you bid the highest amount between the active promoted polls, you get a highlight in dpoll homepage.

Every poll has a promote button on the detail page.

After completing the transfer, you can see your poll is listed on /promoted page.


dPoll is ranked at 19 on steemapps. On stateofdapps we are at number 43.

Without any huge delegations, it's amazing that we generate that level of activity in the blockchain. Thanks to our community and sponsors for the support. Our curation account is @dpoll.curation. You may consider delegating to that account to support the project.

Pull requests

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I do my best to support the blockchain with my skills. If you like what I do, consider casting a vote on via Steemconnect or on steemit.com

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  • Good job on listening to the users feedback.
  • Look like you are using triple quotes for comments, what is your opinion on this article?

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From what I can tell he only uses them as docstrings (convention found here), which is the correct usage.


So basically, as long as it follows a class or a function declaration, it is good form.


Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Great additions!!! Thanks! :-)

Vote for you as a witness, hope some day you upvote me 😊

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Yeah it's a good addition.
Appreciate your work.

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Thanks! I have tested promotion on one of your polls. :-)


Oh yeah I saw it.
It's good to have more features and this one is a nice addition.
Anyway thanks :)


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Yes, its really great update and really you are trying best. Resteem with Twitter

I really like the young dpoll application. Also, looking towards the future, stake weighted polls for voting for projects and fund allocation is going to be huge. I could easily see dpoll becoming a staple in helping a volunteer community seek consensus.

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Great work, I am happy to be clear on how the promoted session works. I was trying to find out all along lol

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Enjoy. :-)

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Excellent @emrebeyler.

Now I don't have to include the following as choices:

a) Some of the above, as follows..

b) All of the above.

What about the issue with inserting images? Has it been sorted out?

One more request: Are you looking into including a comments section in dpoll?


Thanks @devann. What's your issue with inserting images?


At the moment I am uploading images in steemit and then copy pasting the link into dpoll. Is it possible to upload direct into dpoll now?


This is in the to-do list however it's not a priority, yet.


Noted. Thanks.

Great news! :)
Let me try this ;)
Once, good job emrebeyler!

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Nice update, I think there's a lot of value in polls.


Thanks :)

This super awesome! Great changes and absolutely loving them!

Thank you for adhering to user requests. These changes are really going to make the dpoll experience much much better!

You do everything right bro!


Thanks mate

Awesome aditions. Thanks!

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Great up date I have just used it as a test on my latest poll https://steemit.com/dpoll/@steemingmark/should-all-countries-work-together

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Need help? Chat with us on Discord. Yes, it's a good addition.
Appreciate your work. https://discord.gg/uTyJkNm

Great Work! Its really great update and really you are trying best.Thank you for adhering to user requests. These changes are really going to make the dpoll experience much much better

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Nice job you have done ,keep it up

Cool I was wondering what happened with this project. Very useful addition to the available DApps

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Nice Post :)

Great update!

Now that you're able to select multiple answers -- it would be cool to have them ranked.

(With all this Steem-Alliance stuff going on -- a ranked ballot might serve as a useful tool in the coming weeks. Just a thought.)


Can you elaborate?


Thought it might be useful to put together a voting system for the steem-alliance board thats being elected -- or at least, a way of having multiple selections in a poll "ranked" based on the otlrder you would select them in.

Ranked ballot voting is an alternate to the traditional first-past-the-post voting system. With ranked ballots, rather than just choosing one candidate, voters rank the candidates according to their preference (first, second, third). The votes are counted and if one candidate receives a majority they win. If there is no majority the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated and their voters' second choices are used and the votes are counted again. This continues until one candidate achieves a majority

Cpied from here as the first example I found.

I guess it makes the most sense for choosing a single person for a single position, so it might not be applicable.

Just a thought. Was drinking when I suggested it initially.