Introducing SteemPhotos: Instagram (Flickr?) powered by Steem

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Steemit is a great project with a powerful infrastructure but it focuses firstly on the text format of posts (and mostly on articles). Some developers are working on fixing this problem and already launched own projects to improve Steemit. For example, @dzivenu launched Peer Query for queries, @zombee launched dMania for memes, @heimindanger launched D.Tube for videos.

But there is still no project for photos and I decided to fix this.



Right now it is a simple website which gets trending posts with the photography tag and displays their main picture in an own interface. When you hover your mouse over an image then you can see a post title, author username, payout, and a number of comments/upvotes. If you click it then you can see an image in a higher resolution and a link to a steemit post (in the near future, I will also add comments, tags, and all other information that you can see on Steemit).

Technology Stack

  • VueJS
  • steem-js
  • Element





  • Full information of posts (time, tags, comments, etc)
  • All photos from posts (it will look something like slides)
  • hot and new sections (right now it has only trending)
  • Custom sorting (by comments, payout, upvotes)
  • Top posts by day/week/month
  • Top posts by a custom day
  • Optimizing loading of images
  • An option to enable/disable NSFW
  • Search
  • Classification images by color/category/displayed objects
  • Full integration with the Steem blockchain, meaning that you can upvote, comment, and publish posts right on SteemPhotos

Main commit

Add the MIT license

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Wow! This might be something for me! Perhaps there's an opportunity here to get more friction and interest. I'll keep an eye on this project, man

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


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Looks great, another one for Steem's ecosystem

And don't forget the awesome #dsound by @prc for music!!

Love seeing all these initiatives!

This idea is pretty cool! It's nice to see innovative ideas in Steemit community!

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Hmmm... and what about steepshot?
Seems that it does more or less what is described in your post.


Oh, did not know about it, thanks for the link! Steepshot and SteemPhotos right now really have many similarities but it is only right now. These projects have difference ways — Steepshot focuses on lifestyle and feed while SteemPhotos will focus on high-quality photos and discovery of them (yeah, right now it also uses feed but in the future, the search will be one of centric parts).

For example, I have plans to analyze all published photos on Steemit and detect what objects they have, in the future it will allow creating a powerful search system, e.g. you can search "sea" and find all posts which have the sea on the photos.


I will keep an eye on your project for sure :-)

BTW, with this "object detect search" ... I would love to have something like this working on my desktop to search through images on my disks :D

Excellent post! I hope you can take a look at mine and see what you think and vote it. Regards!

This seems like a great idea since there are a lot of awesome photos here on steemit buried under the random post with low-quality photos in them. What I would love to see from this project is a curated feed maybe something like @photofeed but with a lot more photos daily. I think that would help us, the pro photographers reach the front pages of trending a lot easier and raise the quality of the post over the entire platform.

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Should be a winner. Well done!