Captured capturing the sunset!

in photography •  2 years ago 


Here I am, knowing a tourist place called "La Vela De Coro" that takes place in the city of Coro in the state of Falcón in Venezuela. As you can see in the photo, I'm trying to capture the beautiful sunset that was in front of me, what I did not know is that while I was trying to capture the sunset I was under the lens of a great photographer, which for me is the best of the world, my mother.


The best pictures? No doubt those that occur at the moment without the people who appear in it know.

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Wow! It's really beautiful view! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! You're welcome!

Yes the distance shot is gorgeous. Your mom took a wonderful photo. The sky looks like a painting and the sand has beautiful variation of color and texture.

I'm glad you liked it. I love every detail of the photo.

Nice pics!

Thanks bro

You have the best photographer in the world!

Without a doubt! I have many photos captured by her, excellent!

I think you are a prouder of your mam !

Yes! Is the best :D

You are the best son in the world)👍

woooww awesomee photography

Beautiful photo!!

These are great. Looks like a nice place :)

It is an amazing place!


Very nice photo!