[Translation][Spanish] BiglyBT (631 words) (Part 5)

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BiglyBT's Github Repository

Project Details

Big 35.png

BiglyBT is a cross-platform open source torrent client that can be best described as a fork of Vuze / Azureus that is ad-free and without other pasted on features.

BiglyBT includes an integrated Java Runtime Environment, eliminating the need to install it to use this torrent client. It also has numerous options for settings along with remote control via Android apps (any app that supports the Transmission RPC).

Contribution Specifications

BiglyBT is currently being translated into more than 50 languages, I contributed to making the BiglyBT project accessible to Venezuela's Spanish speaking community online.

Here on part 5 I finished translating all the text I was assigned to work on for BiglyBT into Spanish (Venezuela), the total amount of words assigned per translator was 4600 - 4700.

Translating BiglyBT has been a very good opportunity for me as I'm from Venezuela, making me a suitable candidate to contribute and translate this project in the best way possible.

Translation Overview

The terminology of the text translated is mostly related to website lingo: speed test, result, unread, delete, category, content, play, etc.

Big 38.png

I was assigned to translate a quarter of the text in the master folder of the BiglyBT project, as shown in the following image:

Big 37.png

These are some of the words I translated while working on master:

1 . General speed test (recommended)

Big 39.png

2 . Mark All Results As Unread

Big 40.png

3 . Are you sure you want to delete %1?

Big 41.png

4 . Show Category Buttons

Big 42.png

5 . Select Content To Play

Big 43.png

6 . Details loading, please wait...

Big 44.png


The project's source language is English and it was translated into Spanish (Venezuela).

Besides collaborating as a translator for Open Source Projects on Crowdin I also work as a Freelance Translator for a law firm in the US, I've been working for that company for 7 months, translating sworn statements and legal documents from English to Spanish and viceversa.

Open Source Projects I've worked on and contributed as a translator:

1 . Verdaccio

2 . OroCRM

3 . BiglyBT.

Word Count

Number of words translated on this project (not counting word duplicates or code):

Part 1: 758 words:

Part 2: 1050 words:

Part 3: 1044 words:

Part 4: 1019 words:

Part 5: 631 words.

Total of words translated so far: 4655 approximately.

Proof of Authorship

(Words translated on my first contribution for BiglyBT) Big 1.png

(Words translated on my second contribution for BiglyBT)

(Words translated on my third contribution for BiglyBT)
Big 16.png

(Words translated on my fourth contribution for BiglyBT)
Big 25.png

(Words translated on this contribution for BiglyBT, total of words translated so far)
Big 36.png

Links related to the translation:

BiglyBT on Crowdin:

BiglyBT's Translation Report:

My Crowdin Profile:

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