Yes, SteemPlus update notice me asking permission to access everything that I copy and paste, @elear!
Is better if I uninstall the SteemPlus plugin?

I uninstalled @inlakech, I felt it was very invasive. I would love to install it again, let's see what happens.

UPDATE : I found a solution and the new version without the permission will be out within an hour.

Thank you, @stoodkev! 🙏🏻❤️

Thank you @stoodkev, will go back to use and recommend the app.

Any extension that requires copy paste permission is trash.

Any extension
That requires copy paste
Permission is trash.

                 - littleboy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for your exquisite good-mannered haiku but SteemPlus does not currently require copy paste permission.

Did your mother never teach you if you have nothing nice to say to say nothing at all? How would an extension like @steem-plus do so much for us if it did not have the permissions to do so? Try to keep it positive and think before posting negatively. (as the developer stated they do not require your copy paste permission)

Oh yeah, my mistake. It's because I was talking about SteemPress to a friend so it crossed my mind, thanks for pointing ou @elear.

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