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-Project Details -

CONSUL is an open-source Citizen Participation and Open Government Application, it was originally designed for Madrid, Spain in 2015.
The feature of the program is to allow participation from citizens in several stages: Debates ، Proposals ، Participatory budgeting ، Voting ، Collaborative Legislation.
CONSUL is the most complete citizen participation tool for an open, transparent and democratic government.
Consul application
Anyone can open threads on any subject, creating separate spaces where people can discuss the proposed topic.

2-Participatory budgeting
Participatory budgets allow citizens to propose and decide directly how to spend part of the budget,
with monitoring and rigorous evaluation of proposals by the institution

A space for everyone to create a citizens' proposal and seek supports.
Proposals which reach to enough supports will be voted and so, together we can decide the issues that matter to us.

Secure voting system for citizen proposals and enquiries from the institution.
Everyone can decide easily on the most important issues from their phones

It's an important project so I decided to translate it into Arabic.

Contribution Specifications

This is my first contribution in this project ، I translated 1445 words ، The project is now 16% translated.
I started on Sep 05, 2018 and I finished on Oct 6, 2018.

- Translation Overview

i helped translating "budjets.yml" which talk about valuating projects and invesments and how to add a new invecmnet project and voting projects.

- Languages

The source language of this project is English, I am working on making this project available

Word Count

The total number of words I translated is: 1400 words

Proof of Authorship

My crowdin


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