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Over the course of the last 2 months I have been putting together a new landing for the Gridcoin Project. I am thrilled to finally be able to share the result with you -!

Gridcoin is a cryptocurreny that rewards scientific research, with the aim of using the compute power of cryptocurrency mining networks for something useful to humanity. You can earn GRC through everything from helping to map the Milky Way, to developing a cure for Zika. The entire project is open source and available on GitHub.

I am a biomedicine PhD student - drawn into the Gridcoin community after struggling for years to find enough compute to analyze my Alzheimer's models. After becoming active in the community in July 2017, I found many new users were overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the project, and had trouble filtering it. I built from scratch to answer the key questions new community members struggle with on a regular basis. The source code is available on GitHub, and I welcome anyone to contribute!

Without further delay, a tour of some of the key pages. There is far too much to explore here, so I invite you to take a look for yourself. Clicking any of the images will take you to that respective page.

The landing aims to provide a generic overview of the project, targeted at someone with some limited crypto knowledge. After highlighting the use cases, the key technology is reviewed and visitors are given a look at the core aims and the Gridcoin community.


The homepage further links to a range of FAQ-style guides to get started 'mining' GRC, investing, or even getting compute power for your own research project. Sailing past these pages, a list of the current projects is presented, which I am particularly happy with. Visitors are invited to explore the entire range of research projects they can be rewarded for, and helped in selecting a project that best suits their interests and hardware.


Following some further community content and links, the website closes by introducing you to the team behind Gridcoin. There has been a lot of questions posed all over the community message boards about who the incredible developer team is - now is your chance to learn more about them! There is no better team.


Requested screenshot of logged in GitHub page as proof of ownership:


If you would like to contribute, have found a bug, would like a feature added, or even just want to give feedback - please contact me on Slack (Dutch) or Reddit (Editorial_Meat), or right here on Steemit.

I would like to thank the following people:

  • vortac for guidance and art assets
  • joshoeah for art assets
  • me-shell for art assets
  • deltik for endless technical tutorials, guidance and hosting


Posted on - Rewarding Open Source Contributors

Sort: is one of the most important additions to Gridcoin this year, a huge step ahead for our marketing efforts and online presentation overall. Thanks @dutch for this outstanding work.

To further show my support, I have donated 15 000 GRC for hosting, further development and as a reward to @dutch.

I don't even know what to say... blown away! Thank you for all you have done for the Gridcoin community and for me. If only all our whales were as active and invested as you, I'm sure we would be the #1 coin already. =)

wow, i just got into gridcoin, and this is amazing to see things like this! i have my GRC pool donate a bit back to the pool. (this is also my first post on steemit!).

Wow! How kind and supportive of you. Great investment @vortac

Well deserved for your effort I'd say; and soldier on @dutch.

Wow that is a nice donation, you are very charitable towards the work @dutch has done.

Awesome. As I've been saying for years, Gridcoin is decentralized and nothing is preventing anybody from making better starting portals than the nominally "official" one. Glad to see somebody proving my point!

Nice! I really like it!
And, it worth mentioning it... it's for the first time when I see a picture of @vortac! :)

I am even more handsome IRL :)

Hey @dutch, @vortac, @deltik and @me-shell:

You are awesome! Have the greatest day, and bask in the feeling that you did something amazing for a supreme coin and project.

You rock!

Thank you so much man - that means a lot. Thank you for your donation also - the generosity of the community means we won't have to worry about hosting costs for the foreseeable future. =)

The least we (the community) can do! :)

This is brilliant. I am not scientifically inclined myself but I can recognize effort that adds value to people. I think you are awesome for thinking this up and following it through. I could always point the science inclined persons I know in this direction. Great work. Kudos to you and your team for this contribution to academia and the crypto world. Brilliant!

Hey, thank you for the fantastic feedback - it means a lot! =)

It is my pleasure

Wow @dutch, just wow. I really like it. My only comment is a bit more guidance on whether to solo or pool mine , make it prominent. Like a 'How to mine' page, with pros/cons and solo/pool as subpages.

Great idea - I have added it to the list of things to do. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Will let you know when it is live.

Glad to help, seem to be a regular flow of confused NOOBS on the subject, and plenty of people willing to say pool mining is just the same as solo without votes.

It's fucking beautiful! Good job!

Crisp and clean, I love it!
Really easy access for new users. Thanks a lot for this. :)

Sounds cool. I think I will spend the afternoon taking a further look at it.
Are there any real results already? Like papers or some sort of published scientific research?

Do you mean for my lab? The work for the last 2 years is not able to be published yet due to sensitive IP, but here is the last key paper the lab put out on our neurovascular model.

I was asking in general. I remembered something about a similar project a few years ago (not with recent technology of course) and that project never produced a valid result, due to a failure in the underlying software.

But this project really sounds awesome.

Oh wait, you are talking about Gridcoin instead of my own research! My bad. There are hundreds of papers and research outputs made through BOINC, which is the research platform Gridcoin is built to reward. BOINC has existed for about 2 decades already, and is 100% functional. Here is an exhaustive list of publications.

Some key achievements:

  • Did the numerical analysis to prove that the Milky Way is corrugated instead of flat
  • Identitifed numerous new cancer markers
  • Decoded WWII Enigma messages that remained unbroken
  • Continues to develop numerous new drugs
  • Is working on a Zika vaccine
  • and a LOT more.

The coolest thing is that users are told what they discovered, and recognised for their contributions. For example, @vortac found a new pulsar near the galactic core in 2011 and got published for it. @deltik recently found a new super prime.

Above is a great snapshot that should be sent out as a press release to promote Gridcoin and this new awesome website.

Thank you for putting all that effort in it, I believe you help making the world a better place!
Going to introduce it to my fellow students and lecturers here in Israel!

Fantastic news! The more people that get on board the distributed compute train, the better.

Great work @dutch, the quality of the website is a good reflection of Gridcoin itself. The thing I really like is that the website is bright and the pages are not stuffed with a lot of information, which can be intimidating for new members. This should help to attract more new members.

Fantastic work @dutch.

I've only been here a short while, and part of what attracted me to Gridcoin, besides the science aspect, was how grown up and professional the community is. Everybody involved seems to just want to make things better, and this project of yours reflects this.

I'm going to have a good look when I get the chance, and if I have anything to add I'll let you know.

Thank you for making me aware of this project! I just went through all the steps of setting it up on my Mac and also on my Android Phone. Now I hope, that this is more lucrative than mining - at least, it makes more sense to donate my computing power to this, and not just wasting energy on calculating numbers to just make more virtual money :)

Welcome on board! If you have any questions, let me know. That being said, you are already set up so you have crossed the hard yards.

Thanks a lot @dutch - does it make sense to do the same projects on Android and Desktop? I chose the [email protected] project, because there were open tasks for it on mobile & desktop. Also tried the SRBase project, but there seem to be no further tasks available. What I saw though is, that the SRBase tasks finished quite quickly, while the Astroid tasks take about 8 hours to finish. Would it be better to start with quicker tasks or doesn´t it matter how long they take?

I guess that if I should "mine" GRC, then I should switch my BOINC client to your website. Am I right?

You just need to download the Gridcoin wallet and register with the same email that you use for boinc to set it up. And, at the moment (this requirement might change in the future), you need to join the team Gridcoin! There are many good guides on steemit but feel free to ask if you are stuck at any point!

I already have a gridcoin wallet and by the moment I am mining on grcpool using BOINC. I think that the only thing I should make is to link my BOINC client to instead to And by the way how can I join the team Gridcoin?

Hey mahaji,

this site is not a pool, so if you are mining already with the pool, you should continue! The other possibility to pool-mining is solo-mining, but the website @dutch mentioned is meant like a landing- page for interested people, not another pool!

Thank you for your explanation. I just noticed that the mining option mentioned in the new website refers to grcpool actually!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I see @dysprosium has you covered. =)

If you have any more questions, please ask away!

very interesting sound and I have visit the page but I have to read a lot about and take more time so I can understand it well but for now is cool and I will support is

Right now, as a large portion of the crypto market is down 25%, people will be looking for an alternative that does more than make heat. Dutch, you've paved the way to make referrals very easy.

Excellent Job.

Hey @dutch I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • You are generating more rewards than average for this category. Super!;)
  • This is your first accepted contribution here in Utopian. Welcome!

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This is great, going to post this on some articles on bitcoin energy consumption so it gets more exposure :)

Earn GRC through everything from helping to map, great idea. It can help many out source developer too.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Amazing! Thank you!

Nice man, really digging the look!!!

Tried the website on my mobile and the right side of the logos for the news and social media links are cut off. Everything else seems to be working great :D

Looks sleek, awesome domain extension 🔬.

Not too sure why but my antivirus is giving me warnings on

Did the alert give any details? The website is incredibly light on cookies and has a recent security certificate.

I am happy to look into it.

It seems to be fine now, probably just a false positive. I will let you know if I see it again.


Nice post I will spend some time reading the paper this week. You have helped me become active with boinc running everyday on my personal computers when they are in use. Up-voted and re-steemed !

Your contribution cannot be approved yet because it asks for donation. Please remove that part.

See the Utopian Rules. Please edit your contribution and add proof (links, screenshots, commits, etc) of your work, to reapply for approval.

You may edit your post here, as shown below:

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey @codingdefined, cheers for the reply!

I reviewed the rules very carefully, and the only mention of donations I saw was this:

The contribution should not contain any clear attempt to profit solely from a commercial perspective

I did not believe donations for hosting costs fell under this category, especially as a donation address was edited in on community request after the post went live. The address was also specific to the project's internal currency. However, as requested, I have removed that line and will avoid it in future.

I have joined your Discord server. As a side note, the link to that server in your FAQ is expired.

Is the re-submission process automatic after an edit is made?

Thank you very much for your time!


Actually we want it to be clean and formal, otherwise all will start asking donation which we do not entertain. Its a great work bdw.

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks man!

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