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I'm a supporter of the SteemMakers Community. A few days ago, I started a challenge to convince other community members and curators to delegate small amounts to the bot to help everyone that is creating maker related content and the community, to grow further. More details in this post. We already have collected 50% of the delegations that I did request. If 100% is reached, I will double my delegation!

I was surprised that the knowledge how to delegate and what a delegation is, is not so widespread on the blockchain. Together with @Jefpatat, we had the idea to create an extra page on the SteemMakers Website.

This contribution now is this particular page that includes:

  • a description of the delegation concept on the Steem Blockchain
  • a form that integrates with SteemConnect to execute a delegation directly to @steemmakers on the website
  • a list of delegators that already delegated steem power. For the delegators list, I used an API Service from @justyy that you can find here.

I believe delegation is a great concept for a blockchain. Only here you can do this type of transaction without the fear of losing your money. We already see how successful @utopian-io is using the delegations to rewards open-source contributions.
I‘m sure this concept will be applied to other areas sooner or later.

Now it is your turn again! If you like to support the maker community on steem or you are a maker yourself go to the new site

Delegate whatever you think this type of content is worth to you. I repeat my promise when @SteemMakers reaches 800 SP I will double my own share from 200 to 400 SP.

Kind regards
Dr. Make

Prove of Work:

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

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