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I'm what my nickname says, a maker by heart. I have a hell lot of fun when creating, designing and thinking about new things. Equally, I love reading from other makers when they write about their stories, their challenges, and their accomplishments. Learning from them and improving my skills.

SteemMakers is one of the communities on Steem that I admire most. @jefpatat and his crew are trying to curate exactly this type of contributions. And I think this needs more support from all of us who like to read, write and want to learn more about making stuff.

That's why I want to step up and will double the steem power that @Steemmakers has by delegating additional 200 SP so that the curation bot has 400 SP.

But I also ask you as a fellow Maker or Curator to also support this community. If you want to see more of this type of content in the future, you should think about helping to grow this community.

Go and make your delegation either big or small whatever you think you can afford and whatever you think a growing community of makers is worth for you.
And I want to step up even further! If we all together can double again the Steem Power from 400 SP to 800 SP, I will double my delegation from 200 SP to 400 SP. In the end, @Steemmakers will have at least 1000 SP which is a huge step towards becoming a dolphin.

I firmly believe this should be a very easy task to do! Probably too easy, but let's start small! It only requires 4 of you with 100 SP delegation or 10 of you with 40 SP delegation. And if there are 100 people each delegating 4 SP this would be even better because this would show the power of the swarm!

I'm a passionate diver, and as much as a like to dive and swim with whales, I also enjoy diving in huge fish swarms. It is often more impressive to see the coordination of those swarms finding their way through the oceans. And then imagining that they work without anyone in command, without anyone in the lead. They look like a truly decentralized organism.

Steem is the perfect platform to create such a swarm of makers. With people that enjoy more creating things then destroying them.
With people that tend to learn more to improve their skills than to earn more to raise their bank accounts.

When we can do what we enjoy,
when we can write about what we like,
when we can inspire and teach others about our passion,
then we can also get rewarded for it.

With the growing power of the community bot and the fellow fish swarm that swims in his trail.

Let us grow the swarm and stop waiting for a whale to swim by.
Let us grow the swarm of makers on steem and raise a big fish on our own.

Get active now and consider one all of the following steps:

  • Delegate some steem power to @Steemmakers to reward yourself and others that share your passion. I will keep my promise if @steemmakers reaches 800 SP I will double my delegation to 400 SP.

  • Join the voting trail of SteemMakers at to vote for maker related content automatically when it is selected by SteemMakers

  • Join the discord channel and talk to other makers about your hobbies and passions

  • Propose good posts that should be voted by SteemMakers in the Discord request-review channel

  • Talk to other makers about Steem and Steemmakers. Talk to them in your favorite youtube or facebook community. Talk to them in your favorite Fablab or and in your favorite Bar.

  • Do what you can do best and make what you are passionate about but don't forget to tell us about it and teach us how you did it!

whispers in your ear:
Don't make me feel bad! Many say steem is just about money! I don't think so and this is your chance to prove me right or wrong!

Dr. Make

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Great idea. I guess I can spare some steempower for that. I just need to find out how to delegate, do you have any links for that? I found one a while back but it seemed a bit cumbersome, involving scripting etc. Has it become easier?


I use the #Steemplus Chrome Plugin and that adds a delegate button to the wallet on steemit. delegate.jpg


ok thanks, I will check that out


It worked I just made my first delegation :-) live and learn.


thanks @evilhippie! that's the first 50 SP closer to the target of 800SP.

That's very generous of you! As someone who is currently gathering funding to open a makerspace in my hometown, I would LOVE to see the maker community on Steemit flourish!

I'll be setting @thesteemhouse up to not only join the voting trail, but set it to autovote on @steemmakers. Here's to the success of Steemit makers the world over!


Thanks for your support! I also already follow the @thesteemhouse project! I really like the idea! When I was reading it the first time I did imagine a Fablab where the blockchain also manages all the tools and access to them and you earn usage rights be delegating steem to the project :)


That would be cool. Half of our business model involves getting our members involved with Steemit, and cryptocurrencies in general, to show them how easy it can be to earn something for their work.

Dude! This is a great call. I'm in... I'm going to delegate 50SP to this fantastic program! Go makers!!


The link to the Steemmakers Discord is:


Thanks for the upvote dude! I've delegated 50SP.. it's not a lot but I've got a number of projects on the go. Hope it helps!


Hi @aussieninja, I think it is a lot! Any amount is right here. It really helps to get more Maker related content to the blockchain. I just noticed that the steem power for @Steemmakers is already at 600! Only 200 to go and I will double my delegation to 400.

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Great stuff. I love the way that the blockchain and steemit is transforming the way makers and artists can be seen. I am looking forward to finding out more about the community . Thanks @jist


Well join us at to meet some off the members.


Awesome sounds good ,thanks for the invite.

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That's very good, I'm touched by your conversation

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