Stats of my 1st month as a Moderator (plus a few tips) [Utopian Translations Category]

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It's been 1,5 month since I became the second Greek LM. I tried to support @ruth-girl's job even before that (mainly by helping her with I.T. terms), and when I was promoted to being the second Greek LM I found out how difficult it can be!

I've also been trying to help other LMs in DaVinci's Discord channel, whenever I can of course. In this post, we will see a few things on how to make your (and their) job easier!

Let's start this with a few stats of my work as an LM in August in graphs!

I've been proofreading @katerinaramm, @ruth-girl and @trumpman. The team's average score has been pretty much stable...


...even though the average word count dropped slightly...


...and it was August, and in Greece we usually go on vacation, so the contributions that I proofread per week dropped a little bit as well...


The numbers on the X axis are weeks, and here are the dates:

Week 1: 01-07/08
Week 2: 08-14/08
Week 3: 15-21/08
Week 4: 22-28/08

Don't wait, or even expect, to become a proofreader on a project!

To be honest, you shouldn't make your translator to wait. Not all project managers pay much attention to their Crowdin messages (or their projects at all). It's not criticism, as it would sound strange to me if I got a message from a complete stranger saying that they want proofreading access on my project!

For example, on the Curious Expedition, me and @ruth-girl (as we are splitting this project's proofreading activities) got proofreading access... Today! Almost 2 months later if I'm not mistaken.

Your translator should start translating as soon as possible and until you are given proofreader access, should enter as a translator too and start voting on their translations.

To make your job easier, just open up the translation, and go to the menu View > Voting Mode, as in the screenshot below:


You will be getting a list of all the strings and vote for them.

Download and use the software you are translating/proofreading!

"No" might mean various things, like Denial (as in No, you can't go there) and Number (this is translation No 10). You need context to provide a correct translation, and do a correct proofreading session.

Another example would be "Cancel". Is it a verb? Then, In Greek, it would translate "Ακυρώνω". Is it a noun? It is "Ακύρωση".

Just by seeing a word, you can't understand how and where it is used.

A single translation of a word, doesn't fit all.

In a recent translation she did, @ruth-girl had an issue with the word "Basic". It wouldn't fit translated as "Βασικό" in some translations, as -while "Basic Search" would not be wrong if it was translated as "Βασική Αναζήτηση"- the user probably hasn't encountered this anywhere. In Greek, the most common phrase for this, would be "Τυπική Αναζήτηση" (word-by-word translation of "Typical Search".

This tip goes both ways:

Translators: don't try and do a "word-by-word" translation. While this might work, you HAVE to take into account, how a phrase is most commonly used in your language (and let's be honest, it doesn't work!)

Proofreaders: don't check a translation word-by-word, for the same reason😉

Be there for your translators, encourage them to ask for help if they need it.

While most of us have jobs and this would seem counter-productive and eat a lot more of our free time, I found out that it is better to get asked questions on "What would fit better, X or Y as a translation for this string?"

It builds team spirit, confidence that we are there to help them (and not just make sure they won't make mistakes) and -most important- trust that we are doing our best for them!

I'm going to close this post right here. It already got long enough for me. A big thank you goes to @davinci.witness and @utopian-io for doing this possible. And of course to the Greek Translation Team (@katerinaramm, @lordneroo and @trumpman) and @ruth-girl!

If you want to support @utopian-io provide better incentives to Open Source Development, by delegating some of your SP, click here. You can also vote @utopian-io for witness, by clicking here.
You can also support the DaVinci initiative by voting them for witness too, by clicking here.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi, I will take the role of a moderator today and will evaluate your submission in the blog/iamutopian category. I am personally pleased to see your, and others' posts published so people – either from the team or anybody following we all do – can follow with ease what's happening in the translations division. On top of that, one can learn a lot about the processes.

I liked that you included the time range with the number of contributions in text and also in the graphs. I also like that you highlighted that it might take time before one can obtain proofreading functions and that should not discourage anyone from working on the project. However, I understand that if the other side lacks the communication. On the other hand, we could see in the past that some of the maintainers were not satisfied with the idea of assigning such roles to newcomers. Some of them also required to have everything translated before they felt it could be properly proofread.

All in all, your post is excellent. I could spot only a few minor issues with the text. I will point just some of them because they struck me in the eye and are easy to fix.

You missed a letter in some words.

"...even though the average word count dropped slightly..."

"as we are splitting this project's proofreading activities"

In some places, I had a slight issue with reading a sentence on the first try, but in the end, it was understandable.

This post belongs to the iamutopian category, for which we can't apply our review questionnaire. Submissions are voted manually.

Chat with us on Discord.


Thank you very much for the kind words and the extensive review. I gave you a full upvote, although it isn't worth that much 😊

Feel free to let me know the places you had the issue you mention, in order to fix them too. I fixed the letters I missed, my keyboard is acting up and I didn't catch those mistakes when re-reading my post :)


Thank you for your review, @espoem!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!


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