Saying Steemit is Awesome on ArnoldC [@trumpman's challenge]

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So, our fellow @trumpman posted a challenge to write something in Trumpscript or ArnoldC. Both are humorous programming languages, based on the personalities of Donald Trump (for Trumpscript) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (for ArnoldC)

I was feeling quirky, so I quickly hacked something up on ArnoldC, and posted it as a comment. Then @trumpman encouraged me to, and I quote his phrase, [...]include a mini tutorial too for dumbfucks like me!!!

So let's see what I made:

This is the test run, to compile the script and make sure it runs correctly. It took me a while as it was my first encounter with ArnoldC

This is the code:

HEY CHRISTMAS TREE showawesomeness
STICK AROUND showawesomeness
        GET UP 1
    TALK TO THE HAND "STEEMIT IS AWESOME, SO IS @utopian-io AND @dimitrisp!"
    GET TO THE CHOPPER showawesomeness
TALK TO THE HAND "got it?"

Let's take it line by line and explain it a little bit:

IT'S SHOWTIME - This is the opening line. Some languages use an opening statement to show the compiler that this is where all magic begins.

The next 2 keywords appear 2 times in a row, so I'll explain it once ;)

HEY CHRISTMAS TREE varname declares a variable of INT type. This is an integer, a round number without floating points. varname is the name of the variable.

YOU SET US UP thisvalue follows the previous statement immediatelly, in order to set the DEFAULT value of varname to thisvalue

The @NO PROBLEMO following the first YOU SET US UP statement is the equivallent of TRUE in other languages. This is used for the loop we are going to get into, in a little bit.

Now we get to the really interesting part, that took me a while to get a hang of how it works.

STICK AROUND is the equivalent while statement. All commands inbetween STICK AROUND and CHILL will be executed as long as "showawesomeness" is true (or in ArnoldC's statement, NO PROBLEMO).

GET TO THE CHOPPER n opens the variable n to assign a value.

HERE IS MY INVITATION n is used to get/assign the value of/to the variable n.

GET UP n is used to add 1 to variable n. (Equivalent to i = i + 1 or i++ in various other languages)

ENOUGH TALK closes the variable n that we opened with GET TO THE CHOPPER

TALK TO THE HAND "text text text" is used to print "text text text" to the console window.

As we already talked about GET TO THE CHOPPER, ENOUGH TALK and HERE IS MY INVITATION, I'll skip them

LET OFF SOME STEAM BENNET will check the previous statements's value if it is greater than the variable's value. I am assuming here, if the condition is NO PROBLEMO, it returns true, and that causes our program to run 5 times before exiting the loop with CHILL.

YOU HAVE BEEN TERMINATED is used to let the compiler know that the magic has ended.

Some stuff may not make sense. I know it didn't to me at first, this is confusing as hell! (It's already hard enough to learn a proper programming language, we don't need to have full sentences as statements :P )

Also, I'm not expert in ArnoldC, although I would love to make a carreer out of it :D

I've submitted this to @utopian-io's tutorial category. I expect nothing in terms of compensation, but since this contribution is released under the Unlicense license on my part, I guess I wanted to spread more awareness to this comedy of a programming language!

Trumpman's post is here

ArnoldC's github repo is here

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@trumpman and his weird challenges :)
I loved the fact that such a language exists (and trumpscript too !), never heard of either.
+1 for originality and ability to code something fun with it!

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Thank you very much for the review! I had fun reading and trying to make it work :)

Yeah, @trumpman can get very creative with his challenges, and I can't wait to see what he's up to! :)


Wish somebody reviewed my post too 😥😥


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This may be the only time that I'm relieved to see that in a contribution review.


Thank you for your review, @mcfarhat!

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As promised, here's your full upvote and resteem kind sir!

I don't want my share, have a beer with it perhaps? Or a chewing gum depending on how big it is 😂


Too late. You were added as a beneficiary ;*

Edit: oh, and thanks for the resteem and the upvote :)

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Χαχαχαααα!!! Είσαι θεός!!


Μαζί με τη νέα φωτογραφία προφίλ, νέο attitude :P


η φωτο στο προφίλ τα σπάει!!!!! :)))

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Actually yes, I mistakenly added "blog" instead of "tutorials". Should I contact you on discord or can you take care of this?


If you change the tag, I'll change it in our system.


Cool, just did it. Thanks!

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Wait, you're saying that brainfuck is not the same as trumpscript?


Haha brainfuck is a completely different concept :P