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Medications are an important part of the recovery process of a sick patient. They fast-track the recovery process and aid in quick healing. Therefore it is vital to ensure that prescribed medications are taken at the right time as at when due by the patient to avoid further complications. The Med Manager application is an android application that helps its users in taking their medication, helping them keep track of medication and also reminding them when it is time for them to take their medication.

Users can login via their gmail account using google authentication or via their emails to access their medications and ensure it is private to them. New medications can be added with various information also filled in when adding a medication. Such information include

  • Name of medication
  • Short description about medication
  • Start and End dates of medication
  • Start and End times of medication
  • Whether or not the user has begun taking a medication
  • Amount of dosage per medication intake
  • Type of medication (pill, injection or syrup)
  • Interval for which medication must be taken

These details are stored in a Room database and a notification prompt is sent to the user whenever a time interval for a medication elapses. Users can also delete medications and also view medications that are currently active (medications they are currently taking) and also the month in which a particular medication was started. Already existing medications can also be updated as required.

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Technology Stack/Requirements

The Med Manager App is built using the android studio framework. Android studio is the official Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for developing android applications using Java/Kotlin languages for the backend (logic) and XML for the frontend (layouts & UI). The app was developed using Java & XML and is available as an android app only for now.

The app requires internet connection for user authentication and uses firebase for this feature.


I plan to create a cloud storage medium for the medications so that users can access their medications from anywhere on any device simply by logging in with their authentication details.

I plan to create a live chat with a medical personnel whereby users of the application can easily find out more information about a medication they are currently taking.

I also plan on pushing the application to playstore and also implementing an iOS version of the application

How to contribute?

I would sincerely appreciate ideas on improvement of the app's UX and also finding out possible bugs. This is the link to the official github repo:

for contributions on the app.

To get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments, technical issues or contributions concerning the project, simply send a mail to [email protected]

GitHub Account

A link to My Github account is given below


Thanks for the contribution!

It looks like a cool project, however as stated in the rules we only consider commits made in the last 14 days when evaluating a contribution. The amount of development done in the eligible commits is unfortunately not enough to be rewarded.

The project also lacks usage and install instructions, so I would also recommend adding those before contributing again.

Finally, a quick Google search revealed that there already quite a few medication management applications like this one. I didn't properly compare your application with others, but I would also make sure your project has some unique value when compared to them.

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