Include Automatic plan, Notification and Reference features on the Budgetto application

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Budgetto is an open source project developed to help people to plan there expenses and income. The name explains what it does. The app has been on my device for quite a while. I haven't really been using it much since I have a better manually budget planner for my family. However, I was surfing on the application today, and I check on the add wallet entry. This section allows users to choose entry between Expenses/Income - This implies that expenses are money that are to be spent and income is cash that will come in. I tried to use the application to control my food expenses, so I added a salary of $400 stock in the application, and I came back to add the expense of food $25 to be removed from the added income. The app allow deducting of expenses on a specific date and time which is good. But, I think that area could be improved.

My suggestions

Some people have a steady income as well as fixed expenses. Personally, I manage my spending to the fullest, and I tend to spend $25 per day on food.
Now for the application to be effective. There could be a function that allows automatic adding of funds and automatic deduction of funds for expenses. For instance, if my monthly salary is $400. I will be able to control the app always to add $400 to my income every 30th of the month — plans, ability to deduct on timely as well.

Secondly, Notification on all this features would be a good addition. Such command are done automatically. There will be a notification system to alert users on automatic income, and deduction for expenses.

Third, feature for reference could be another good addition. There could be a simple space for note on transaction done on the app for reference purposes, and camera would be a good plus to also serve as reference purpose on some transaction.

The first image shows the addition of the automatic plan to the settings page. Here users will be able to control how there income and expenses will be done on the application automatically.

The continuation of how the feature will look like when the dropdown is pressed.

Plan dropdown page. How it might look like when done.

Still, a continuation of the feature, showing how the dropdown will appear on the main screen.

Below is the mock-up for the notification feature. Users will have to initiate it if they want.

How the pop up will appear on the main home screen of the mobile.

The mock of for reference features. Note and camera


Those are the feature I think will benefit users of the application. The automation feature would make using the app to be easy for expenses and income that are constant. The feature will be easy to use since the
application has a history feature. The notification would also be a prompt notifier for users that use the automatic feature. No transaction will go unnoticed and will be a good plus on the application. The note space and camera is a feature for reference, and they are indeed useful.

Budgetto github link


Hello @darewealth!
Thank you for contributing.
The first feature,automatic deduction is very nice idea and without a doubt it will be a very good addition to the application.
The rest of the suggested features are trivial in my opinion.
The mock-ups used in the contribution are of very good quality.
The formatting of your contribution is really nice but at the same time I had a tough time understanding the sentences.
There are a few areas where you improve:

  • Always submit an issue on GitHub before posting on utopian.
  • Try to work on your grammar, you can use grammarly app for that.

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Thank you for your review, @syedumair! Keep up the good work!

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