[New Features on steemr] Display all the posts of a give Steemian with statistics, and get the utopian review and upvote plan!

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Brief Intro and curriculum

'steemr' is an open source R package for playing with Steem data in R environment. It is used to download, post process, analyze, and visualize Steem data on the basis of the powerful statistic power of R.

Previously on steemr:

New Features

What features did I add?

  • A new functionsposts() displays a Shiny app, which is a user friendly interactive UI to show all the posts of a give Steemian's ID. Analysis diagrams are plotted as well, including the distribution of the post payout and votes, the active hour of the Steemian's posting, and the time series of the growth of the cumulative post number, payout, and votes.

    Shiny is an R package that makes it easy to build interactive web apps straight from R. It is very easy to use even for non-R users. The single command sposts() displays a webpage, on which a flexible data frame shows the data of all the posts of the given Steemian's ID. The users can easily filter, order or search each column.


  • A new function gur() can gets the utopian review and upvote plan from utopian.rocks. Utopian.io users can use it to see the progress of the submission and upvoting. Furthermore, users can do some further analysis on the utopian review data. Many thanks to @amosbastian, the author of utopian.rocks.


  • Some minor bugs were fixed.

How did I implement them?

I added the new function sposts() in 'R/shiny.r', as well as the internal functions sposts_ui() and sposts_server() which are the UI function and server function for sposts(), the function repcalc() which calculates the reputation of the given Steemian, and the function skewness() to calculate whether a distribution is normal.

I added the new function gur() in 'R/get.r'.

Each part of the functions are well documented. Other files were updated automatically by compilation.

Link to relevant lines in the code on GitHub can be found mainly in my latest commit (click to see the details):

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Thanks for the contribution, @dapeng! It's always cool to see someone using my API for something, haha. For your information instead of scraping the page you are probably better off using

Also good to see you used my suggestion of adding a description to the body of the commit message!

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Wow, did not know that there is API of utopian.rocks! It is great work. Thank you very much for your helpful comment again! You and utopian.rocks shoud surely be acknowledged in the documentation of gur()!


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

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