Minnow Avatars Generator for @wearecodex PART II

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This week I worked on a second set for the Minnow Avatars Generator requested by @wearecodex.

If you haven't seen my first proposal for these, you can check them out here


Since I already explained the process the first time, I will not go into that much detail. I will say that I was feeling inspired by a Circus theme and its patterns, colors and shapes. That's why this set is even more quirky and odd-looking.

I started off with the same setup from before and created more parts out of my imagination.

The image below shows the first elements:


Then I went on to create the whole system for 3 minnows:



I started to bring out the previous parts to see how the first and second sets would work together:


I had to make sure all the parts fit together perfectly with the previous system, this took a lot of time and micro-adjustments, but I finally achieved it.


Benefits / Improvements

  • This system brings even more variation to the current one, which can help increase user engagement.
  • The new set works perfectly with the previous proposal and should work with other contributions.
  • These three minnows add more expressions to the generator such as disgust, tiredness and frightened eyes, just to mention a few.


  • Everything was done in vectors using Adobe Illustrator, saved with text in curves and for versions CS5 and above.

Original files

Source file and pngs are located here

Don't be shy and comment on anything that you want to know. Every comment I get, draws a smile on my face.

Finally, feel free to spread the the love and be kind.

That's it for now. I'm beat! Have a great weekend and keep on Steeming. Thank you for reading.

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This is great @baranpirincal. I'm super happy and grateful about getting approved. Thank you!

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Thank you!

These are perfect!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

Phew! @wearecodex. I'm glad they worked out, it took me a lot of time to align everything. The thick black contours are helpful though.

I think next time we will look for a way to make it easier for y'all. We see all are struggling a lot, and me as well checking each part.

Well, I'm not sure there is anything that can't be done in this case. These things take time and attention to detail, which actually comes with the job description of being a designer hehe. I believe it must have been as much work for you as it was for us. That's not good :(. Thank you for your patience @wearecodex!

which actually comes with the job description of being a designer

That is true! And with this task request we wanted to attract designers, and great designers!

wew. very awesome.

Thank you for your comment @podanjr and thank you for your upvote!

Sorry guys. My internet is super unstable and slow and made me post the same thing twice.

I am still figuring out how to delete one of the two posts that appear on the Steemit blog. Although there is still only one post in Utopian.

If any of you knows how to delete a duplicate blog post, let me know.

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good one .. awesome

Thank you @beforeandafter. I try. Thank you for stopping by to leave your comment.

@creativista, Like your contribution, upvote.

Thank you for the upvote and your kind comment!

Eso vale! te estás dando duro con los pecesitos! Quedaron chéveres. Te dejo mi voto :)

Jajajaj, gracias Camilo, tu también te estás dando duro con los logos, de hecho creo que estuvo reñido el de SL. Seguiremos steemiando. Gracias por tu voto y tu comentario!

I like the way you provide it with soft colors, I'm following you now. Love the way you design.

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You're now one of my idols!!! Wow... I want to learn how to do that... They're cute and... Their eyes say something...

I just followed you!! You're creations are all great!

Thank you for the kind comment @maylyn09, the first series explains a lot more on how to do this, if you already know how to use Illustrator.

Your words mean a lot. Glad that you commented and thank you for the follow, I'm also following you back ;)