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RE: Announcing Finally Network - Turn your Steem blog into a website

in #utopian-io5 years ago

The screenshots look really cool, though I can't access the site rn.

Any possibility we'd be able to choose what shows up in our feed? I've wanted to do something similar for quite a while, but let the user choose what posts are displayed. I see a frontend like this as something you show people who aren't involved in Steem and I don't really want to confuse those people with my contest entries or stuff like that.


Hey, looks like there was a problem with my datacenter scaling right as I posted 🤷‍♂️ Just fixed now.

Thats the exact plan. I've not added this functionality yet but will be added shortly. To allow selection via hashtag or specific individual posts. That way users who have a mixed set of content can show only the relevant posts as you suggests.

Awesome! Now I don't have to do it myself :D

Looks at roadmap

oh, there's the portfolio thing... Stupid me :P

Website looks cool. Two things:

  • It currently shows resteems. Don't know if you'd noticed that yet.
  • A writing blog view that focused more on the words but still had the pictures would be cool.

I'm really excited for this!

Yeah noticed the re-steems but it is not intended by default. I'll be adding a filter to remove these in the next update (will be available again in future as a separate option - but needs some extra code in some theme ideas).

Thanks for all the feedback. if you have any more thoughts please send them my way and i'll work to include them as I work more on the project.

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