Flutter; build mobile app with ease [iOS/Android] part 1

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No doubt almost all of us who grew up in third-world countries and had to the right to mobile and intelligent gadgets at an early stage always dream of becoming a programmer one day, well it was quite funny and sad also the way most of us backed out after discovering programming ain't a child's play like we all thought it was.

But recently so many projects and apps have been trying there best to break down programming to its infinitesimal form of understanding which has been quite helpful to some of us which I'm a beneficiary(not yet certified) off while most of us are still confused about it (I might be among here too), in this section I'll try my best to reduce the amount of computer terms cause its the part 1

So today I'll be discussing three topics

  • What is Programming
  • Meaning of SDK
  • Introduction to flutter

What is programming


Yea, i know this is the 21st-century programming ain't a new word to the book again but its time we take it to the lay mans understanding in terms of what programming actually means.
Programming is an act of you as a human documenting a set of task for a certain event or for the day, so if you're a fan of using the task writer, congratulation you're officially a programmer(i bet you wish)

Away from that, the first thing that always comes to anyone's mind once the word programming is being mentioned is a computer, which will then take us the computer programming which was supposed to be the main header for this subtopic.

Computer programming is an act of building, committing actions, writing a set of words like a language that only a computer can understand and execute just like you understanding your To-do list.
According to Wiki programmable devices has been in existence as far back as 1206 AD, that's the automata built by the Muslim inventor, but we are not here for that today.

As humans languages vary that's how the computer programming languages vary too, which we have over tons of them but to mention some popular ones like java, python, c, c++ and so on with each being good at performing a certain task, just to roll the nut here, without the programming languages you can't program and without a program, a computer device or electronic gadget can run.

Meaning of SDK


The software development kit (SDK) also known as the devkit is the bedrock of most programming involving mobile apps and games.
SDK these days are the fastest way to build apps, more like the finishing touches or hastening the work, I got to use my first SDK to mod an app year back without me even knowing the meaning SDK.
You know that fancy design you see on a mobile app or that ad banner and section glittering, just know its the work of the SDK.
The SDK is just a tool that helps you create or build an application from a certain software package

Introduction to flutter

source; futter logo

Flutter is an SDK by Google with the aim soothing the way for mobile programmers, to program with ease and building high fidelity app for both iOS and Android.

Flutter has been seen as an excellent app builder cause of its hot reload feature which helps you to view widgets and UIs fee secs after which you implement them by just a few clicks, and in terms of UIs the flutter is already inbuilt with flawless UIs for any app depending on the programmers test and can easily be deployed.

In other to sum it all up, flutter is more of a drag and drop software developer for mobile, in the next part we will go deep into the futter SDK.


Got some infos from the flutter site and about the SDK here which i also suggest you read to know more and familiar with the terms before i start using them

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Hello, @camzy!

Thank you for this contribution. This is a useful tool for programmers, and it's good to see that you decided to start a series of blog posts about this project. However, I have a few issues with your post.

In terms of content, I strongly believe that you could have done a much better job. The post tells the readers almost nothing about the project you are reviewing. Furthermore, I appreciate the effort you put in providing us with useful information about programming and software development kits, but I wanted to see more editorial content in your review. We value your personal knowledge, views and experience of using this tool, and that's the kind of editorial content I look forward to seeing in your next contribution.

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Thanks for the review again @lordneroo
Seems like i'll have to work on breaking down my grammars and sentence, well this is first time trying utopian out, i hope i get better

And please is there a certain amount of words that must be utilized in a blog post?


Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

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