1Ramp Updates (v0.0.16) - Push Notifications, Resource Credits, and more...

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1. Bringing complete Steem experience to your mobile

Our first milestone at 1Ramp is to build all the basic features that you need on a Steem platform. We are happy to say that with this update, we are almost there.

One thing that is primary for a good experience on mobile is a friendly editor. Improving editor or post creation method on the mobile is a challenge (especially for blogs). Those who are using 1Ramp have told us that the blog writing experience is easy compared to other mobile applications.

The text editing tools allow you to use title tag, various headings (H1, H2, H3 etc.), bullets, quote, links etc. We'll keep on improving it to let you write blogs instead of worrying about formatting and markdown.

This version also gives you an option to open up the camera from 1Ramp post editor itself and instantly share your clicks on 1Ramp (Steem network). Along with some small fixes and improvements, this blog discusses additional new features and improvements in the app.

2. What's new -

2.1. Push notifications


You can now receive push notifications on the 1Ramp app.

This is an important feature for the Steem community and 1Ramp users. Notifications not only keep you updated but also allows you to spend less time browsing for the important events on your profile and wallet.

The 1Ramp app will show you notifications for the following events:

  • Mentions
  • Upvotes
  • Reply
  • New Follower
  • Transfer
  • Reblog


The notifications are conveniently located in the app. You can mark them read or click on the notifications and it'll take you to the relevant page.

You also have an option to turn off push notifications popping up on your smartphones. You can still navigate to notifications inside the app.

When a user logs in, the application creates a subscription on our firebase server with the username.


One of our servers is solely responsible for streaming steem blockchain and emit notification calls to subscribed users.


2.2. Check resource credits (HF20)


The recent velocity update (hardfork 20) in the Steem blockchain was a big event, it introduced the new resource credits system. We realized that some people have a lot of confusion regarding that and how does it affect them. We tried to simplify it in the 1Ramp app.

You no more need to install third-party plugins on your web browser or visit external sites to check your resource credits. On the 1Ramp app, you can easily see the available credits and the count of comments, votes, and transactions left in your account. We'll soon add the time left for the RCs to recharge on the same screen.

2.3. Improved profile view


There is a major change in the user interface. We want to make sure that the design is scalable from the beginning and we can accommodate more features without compromising user experience in the future.

The new profile view brings everything to one place. From the profile, you can navigate to your own posts, wallet and resource credits. Since all these pages are mostly used by the owners of an account, it makes sense to bundle them up at the same place. We hope it improves the accessibility and makes breathing room in the app for a seamless user experience.

3. What's next -

Install this update and you'll find a new section 'competitions' on the bottom navigation.

This is something exciting. We'll talk about this new thing on another blog.

1Ramp is a Steem powered platform for creative communities. Read our previous blogs to learn more about 1Ramp --

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Tell us what features you would like to have on 1Ramp. We'd be happy to hear from you and build everything that you need. Our aim is to enable creators in Steem community to engage with the communities of their interest and share their work easily.

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Thank you for your contribution. A great update to the project, I really like the Push Notifications feature. Bdw can we mute some of the notification if we do not want?. I really like the way you have explained all the work you have done for this contribution.

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Thanks for the motivational comment.
This makes us work harder and build better product.

Bdw can we mute some of the notification if we do not want?.

Yes, In settings user can turn off notifications if he/she doesn't want it.
We take care of his choice for opting out of notifications.

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sir is this version is compatible with all? @bxute

@raghav-blogs Yes this is compatible with all Android version. please join our discord channel to get updates https://discord.gg/XPE2s4

of course sir... I will join it definitely..

@raghav-blogs Thanks for the co-operation.
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