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Idea Hub Podcast - Steemlogs & Utopian - - March, 18th

Welcome to's Idea Hub show.

When and Where?

This great show aired live on Monday, April, 15th, 8-9PM UTC. It was live on the MSP Waves and Discords:


Our host in action, Jedigeiss

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If you did not get to take part in the show live there are multiple ways to listen to this great show anytime you like:

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Special Guest

On this episode of Idea Hub we have the super Canadian programmer, @helo. He brings us two interesting perspectives. First he talks about some of the very interesting projects he is involved in, such as Magic Frog and @volentix. Then is tells us about some very exciting projects that he has seen both as a moderator for the Development category of Utopian and as a member of the large of Open Source community.

Here are some of the cool projects he shows us:

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Raffle Time!

Each week we give away a prize in the form of a raffle. Sometimes it is a collection of indie video games, other times it is a collection of ebooks - Who knows what it can be :) You need to listen in live on our Utopian Discord to take part in the raffle.

Our wonderful Open Source raffle bot was created by our Utopian friend @jestemkioskiem. The raffle bot is Open Source can be found on this Github Repo -

You can read up on the bot here - Discord Raffle Bot

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The Show

You can listen to the full version of this show on our Utopian Podbean page

Be sure to share with your friends!

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Thanks @buckydurddle for your awesome work on the Utopian Open Source Radio Show!

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