eSteem Surfer - powerdown information with the correct effective SP, search to eSteem toggle, etc.

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Note: Regarding comment and coding style, as an external contributor, I followed the PO's practice. Comments were rarely used in the original code, so I only made a comment when it's really needed. In addition, I wrote the details in commit/issue/PR.

Note2: My recent dev post couldn't be voted due to the limited VP. As I mentioned in my suggestion post, Utopian bot sorting criteria improvement to prevent no voting, external contributors definitely have disadvantages in the dev category. Hope the review will be more generous, considering this :) Also, please increase 14 day window soon. It's too short for external contributors gather decent commits due to irregular and infrequent merges by POs. (note: eSteem team is quite fast! Thanks a lot!)

New Feature + Bug Fix

Powerdown information + correct effective SP

  • Show the powerdown amount in the SP section

Previously, eSteem Surfer didn't show the powerdown amount in the Steem Power section, and had a wrong effective SP (in terms of voting value) amount due to this.

before: powerdown amount wasn't excluded in the effective SP

after: powerdown amount is separately shown and excluded from the effective SP

after (sanity check for no powerdown user)

Two usual mistakes in the effective SP calculation

  • Doesn't exclude powerdown amount (already explained in the above)
  • Doesn't take 14th week power down into account
    That is, powerdown can actually takes 14 weeks, and the "powerdown amount" vesting_withdraw_rate is the still same, so if you don't consider this case, the effective SP can go negative. That's why you need, min function to avoid this situation.
      // min needed due to 14th week powerdown:
      const vestingSharesWithdrawal = Math.min(
        (parseToken(account.to_withdraw) - parseToken(account.withdrawn)) /

New Feature

Search to eSteem toggle

Previously, once search something, toggle back to esteem mode was impossible, which was quite annoying if you want to go to someone's blog. Now toggle is supported back and forth.

Minor Fixes

Fix build instruction


Other activities

Search Improvement

While this wasn't merged due to the eSteem team's another implementation plan, I suggested the search improvement

Help debugging for voting time problem

Not just in this issue, but in general I genuinely tried my best to help the team.

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Thank you for your contribution @blockchainstudio . Currently, according to the Utopian policies and guidelines, the PR has to be in 14 days. And there is no such thing as external or internal developers regarding the advantages of rewards whatsoever. Each contribution is marked carefully according to the guidelines. And FYI: my last 3 dev contributions were not upvoted due to the voting algorithm as well.

Anyway, good bug fixes and small improvements to the esteemapp. Here are a few comments:

  1. some variable names could be more indicating .. rather than a , p
  2. Your showPowerDown comparing to a magik date is quite fragile IMO, you may use a better logics e.g. if the date is in the future then yes.
  3. magic constants like /100000 without explanations are hard for people who don't like math ..

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Hi @justyy, thank you for your review. As I wrote in Note, again (as before in Busy's case) as an external contributor, I tried not to change too much. The points that you mentioned were not mine. If possible, I'd appreciate if you could reevaluate the related section, bug I understand even if you don't. I already enjoyed helping them. I understand the policy, so don't worry. Thanks!

ps. actually 3. 100000 is mine. but it's just million that most people expect. Again, if there was some constant definition file (like steem does), then I would have done that way, but there was no such. So for this specific conversion part, I thought it's okay. Still people need to understand the other part (e.g., reward pool) which is also not explained.


"my last 3 dev contributions were not upvoted due to the voting algorithm as well."

I'm sorry to hear that and I know this one will be in danger too :) Thanks!


btw, just in case, don't get me wrong. I really appreciate your detailed feedback. I just wanted to explain that those codes are not mine. I also don't like them, but I didn't want to change them as an external contributor to keep consistency unless I really make big changes across the files. And that's my point. I shouldn't be penalized by those things, but it's just my opinion. Thanks a lot again!


Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

In Korean: 한국분중에 쓰시는 분이 아마 거의 없으실 것 같은데 굿카르마 증인이 진행하는 eSteem의 데탑버전인 eSteem Surfer 개발 해준 것에 관한 포스팅입니다. 계속 해왔던 파워다운 정보 표시라던가 자잘한 버그 수정들입니다. 여기에서도 설명드렸지만 최근 유토피안 포스팅도 보팅파워 문제로 보팅을 다 못받고 있는 실정입니다. 특히 dev 쪽이 제일 심각한 상황입니다. 저같은 외부 기여자는 반영된지 14일이내의 것만 낼수있고 반영 스케쥴이 제각각이다보니 애초에 작업을 모아내기 힘들어서 더더욱 불리해서 저번 busy도 보팅을 전혀 못받고 지금 지나갑니다. $30정도가 허공에ㅠㅠ 저뿐만 아니라 뭐 못받은 사람이 한둘이 아니어서ㅠㅠ 사실 dev가 기본 카테고리 보상이 상당히 높아서 평균정도 점수만 받아도 보상이 상당히 높은데 아깝게 되었네요. 이번것은 살아남으면 좋겠지만 기본적으로 재미로 한거고 보팅은 추가적인 즐거움이라 사실 큰 기대는 안하고 있습니다. 향후 며칠 사람들이 얼마나 괜찮은 dev포스팅을 제출하느냐에 따라 운명이 갈릴듯^^

참고로 이스팀쪽은 앞으로 큰 일 없으면 아마 추가 작업을 안할 것 같습니다. 이게 좀 대충 만든면에 없지 않아보여서 코드 읽기도 좀 불편하고 보면 볼수록 다 뜯어 고치고 싶어지고 저도 제 나름대로의 임팩트에 대한 기준이 있어서 이걸 고친다고 몇명이 쓰나 생각하면 동기부여가 잘 안되네요. busy는 제가 작업하는 이유가 그래도 많은 사람이 쓰기 때문인데 이스팀은 아직 그 수준은 안타깝게 안되네요.

참 몇가지 장점도 있긴 하더라고요. 일부 데이터들을 자체 db를 활용해서 좀 더 보여주는 기능과 검색기능이 좀 더 잘 동작합니다. 혹시 써보실 분들은 참고하세요.


차라리 busy 소스를 포팅하여 데스크탑(Electron) 버전을 만드는게 더 좋을 듯합니다. ㅎㅎ 저도 esteem은 버그가 많아서 사용을 잘 안하게 되네요.


안그래도 전 이번에 처음으로 electron이란 것도 알았습니다^^ 이스팀은 그들의 코드때문에 저까지 리뷰에 감점을 받아야하는게 억울ㅠㅠ 사실 제가 개발자도 아닌데 앞으로 아마 진짜 안할 것 같아요. busy나 가끔 제가 필요하면 고쳐보고 할 생각입니다.

참 유토피안은 글에도 써놨지만 요새 dev쪽은 완전 레드오션이 되어서 좀 알려진 예비증인들이 진행하는 프로젝트 아니면 거의 보팅을 못받는 상황에 이르고 있습니다. 이 글도 아마 보팅 못받을거에요. 그래도 굿카르마가 보팅해주고 갔네요ㅎㅎ


electron 프로젝트도 제가 한글화 작업 proofreader 권한을 가지고 있어요. ㅎㅎ. 요즘 교정작업을 거의 못했네요. esteem surfer가 기능 면에서는 나름 쓸만해 보였는데 실제 소스 관리가 제대로 안되는 모양이군요. esteem도 crowdin에서 한글화 작업하고 있는데 참여자가 없네요. 데스크탑은 절반 정도 했습니다. 다빈치 프로젝트에서 한국어 팀 공식 출범되면 나머지 하려고 했는데 소식이 없네요. 그냥 마무리 지어야 할 듯요.

@멘션 등록


멘션 댓글 안내 서비스가 등록되었습니당.


감사합니다. 아주 소량 감사의 의미로 임대했습니다^^

짱짱맨 호출에 응답하여 보팅하였습니다.

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