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An advanced editor, not only for advanced users!


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This logo design is about (icon + text) for Steeditor - an editor for Steem posts. This application makes it easy to edit posts before posting on steemit and others. The Website is here :

Logo Design

  • Logo Idea

  • Logo Process

  • Logo Result

Vertical Version Steeditor Logo

Horyzontal Version Steeditor Logo

Icon Version Steeditor Logo

Favicon Version Steeditor Logo




Benefits / Improvements
For the benefit of this logo are:

Logo visual with S letter also Look like Steem. And The logo is Clean and modern designs. The logo I created is very simple and easy to adopted in other media.

  • icon as the app icon in SteemConnect login page.
  • icon as the app icon if a user decides to add the app to his/her device's home screen.

  • icon as the app's favicon.

  • logo on the app's navbar

  • Example On website

Proof of authorship.

Here is the screenshot of my process.


This logo created using program CorelDraw X7.

Original files.

Roboto :

Logo and All designs :


Lisensi Creative Commons
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Proof of work done.


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