[Steem Secure Login] Documentation Written And Video Tutorial Added

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Steem Secure Login - The safest way to interact with steem blockchain through thirdparties.

With this system utopian.io couldn't be attacked.

Steem Secure Login


  • JS, ES6

What exactly has been done

1. Documentation have been updated to give opportunity potential contributors to help with project.

2. Video Tutorial have been created and link added to documentation.

From now all informations how to install development version and how to use extension can be found in readme.MD or on the main project page.

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You have added value to the documentation with the video but it would be really great if you could add more written examples and explain more in text form also.


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  ·  last year (edited)

I extended documentation.
You can see it at this pull request:

I am doing my best to make this solution as easy as it can be to implement in the future projects.

If you meant extend API documentation, I will extend it with features, new API. In other words API Documentation will come together with new features.

I hope this satisfies moderators team.

Thank you for approval and your hard work. It makes me very happy utopian supports my effort. I hope we will make steem blockchain even greater than it is.

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