Steem Pay Update - Creating the First REAL ECONOMY on Steem Blockchain!

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New Steem Pay is release with powerful features for offline commerce.

Steem Pay will create the first REAL ECONOMY on Steem blockchain!

I am excited to announce that a new Steem Pay is released with powerful features for offline commerce. This version introduces following features:

  • Sign-up / Login
  • Creating a "Store"
  • Presetting items
  • Selling items via "Store"

Steem Pay is now supporting 8 more currencies

  • AUD, Australian Dollar
  • NZD, New Zealand Dollar
  • THB, Thai Baht
  • INR, Indian Rupee
  • IDR, Indonesian Rupiah
  • VND, Vietnam Dong
  • PLN, Polish Zloty
  • CAD, Canadian Dollar

New to Steem Pay?

Steem Pay is a Web app that simplifies selling and buying process between Steemians.
Please read the previous posting first.

Sellers and buyers, share your experience using SteemPay

Post with proving photos with #steempay tag, then I will upvote the good ones.

Our next goals are:

  • Branding, printable materials, design improvement
  • Launching Steem Pay APIs for online commerce
  • Introducing commission model with SMT integration
  • Investments and promotions


Official Website:
Official Steemit account:


Sign-up & Login

New Setting Layout

Adding accounts


Creating a Store


Presetting items


Selling the preset items via Store


Design team onboard!

Another great news is, we have a design team onboard! The team is now working on branding. @dayoung is the lead designer.


Authentication & Login

Apply AWS suits with awsmobile

Add AWS Cognito authenticator for pages

Implement store setting

Update Invoice Lambda functions

Witness Vote

If you like my Steem Pay project, please consider voting me as a witness so that I can continuously get motivated. :)


Not exactly "The first REAL Economy"... I guess you have never seen or heard of @paywithsteem?

Hey @btcvenom, of course I know the project. When is the service gonna be available? I saw teasers and dev updates but unable to use the real service. Saw the team raised $10,000 fund though.

SteemPay has been available, and been used by local shops in Korea from April.

v1 of the site was live from December to late February this year until we decided to pause the store so we could upgrade. The new and improved site is now getting really close to release (We are hoping to go live again in July sometime)

Steemit is best innovative app for earning

thanks for the update. I will check it out. SteemPay is primarily targeting the offline commerce, and also will enable Steem based online commerce via Paypal like API. maybe we can compensate each other in the future.

what is @paywithsteem all about? another project?

I think it is a great project once they boom then we see a great result

Great work! I look forward to using it!

Great news

Great work with this! Keep it up! Kudos!

Steem will be the face in cryptoworld - soooonnn. Steem blockchain is far better than other b'chain outthere, even better and faster than BTC b'chain

yes indeed it is very promising, in the near future it will give very good profitable results to users.

Infact its going to be most profitable for users on steem blockchain.........good to hear that.

Hah are you guys all done with your small talk? ya know its best to actually add something unique like maybe mention how much steem is actually helping people in your own home countries and how steem is doing better than UN Aid Groups fro example so instead of sending Grant money to waste all around the world, we should start soliciting Steempower as a responsible way to Help people to the Foreign AId Workers and Bureaucrats who are in charge of saving money and transparency

we can suggest Steempower and delegation as a replacement to actual loans to poor people, to Foreign Aid workers responsible for helping poverty stricken areas around the world. OR even people who work for places like Grameen Bank or Kiva, and show them how they can help a lot more people if they just give out delegation instead of liquid cash because then they can garuntee that they dont loose the loan to people who run away and never pay it back. We ensure that the pot grows and we have a larger and larger pool to help more and more people when we have them recieve Steemnpower delegation to help instead of just liquid cash they must then pay back. They can recieve steempower delegation and then instead of paying Kiva or Grameen back, they can pay them some and pay the rest forward to another person who needs a loan! I see this sort of pay it forward steempower delegation system as endless in scalability and possibilities for humans to help each other become wealthy and serve matching self interests.

WOW so this SteemPAy now lets you create a store? And also doesn't SteemBAY also let you sell things in steem posts?

Also thie Graphics and buttons on this looks a LOT like @jesta 's @chainbb or @vessel wallet or Steemdb and it is VERY nice and familiar for us steemians!

Great comment. Thanks! I have an ambition to make SteemPay as a local payment in developing countries. Just trying to find some time to kick off that project.

Yes the UI should be very similar because it's on the same UI framework called Semantic UI :)

yes.. absolutely right.. :)

Yes, it has already become the face of cryptoworld, which is booming very fast today.

We already are faster than Bitcoin.. Steem also makes up like over 40% of the total world blockchain/ cryptocurrency transactions so together with bitshares 24% _, steem just make sup MOST of the worlds crypto activity! Just check https;//

@ackza just made a post about it, heres the image from it

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Exactly look like your statement. Steemit blokchain may be revolutionary in cryptoworld....keep eye on steemit world ;)

can i buy fiat directly without having to go through bitchcoin?

great post , thanks for sharing

Steempay seems very interesting, gonna check it out

Thank you for including AUD! I’ll jump in this weekend and create my little shop. :)

I’ve been waiting for this as I wanted to move away from Shopify.

This seems like a good idea, but I guess my question is do people on the steem blockchain demand a way to spend Steem directly on stuff offline or are they ok going back to Fiat to do it. I guess you're experimenting with the idea as any good entrepreneur should, good on you and thanks!

I think is better to not use Fiat, as it is to go in the history soon.

Thanks. It looks interesting.

Aw man, the new version is a disaster. Please bring back the simple, functional that I was using and convinced shop owners in Korea to use for accepting SBD payments! I just lost those shop owners because of the new update. I mean it's really advanced and funky right now, but there's no time for all these extra features when all people want to do is punch in the price of the item and have their payment be sent directly to UpBit. Please see:

upvoting for visibility, will remove the upvote once people catch my message.


You can trade your earned credstars for SBD!


@kaliju, sorry to hear that your business is stuck due to the update. But there is "Instance Sell" menu, which enables you to continue using the exactly same invoice tool like before.

To be honest I was a bit surprised that someone is actively using SteemPay, and feeling thankful that is true. So really appreciate it. I honestly thought no-one is seriously using it for now. :)

As I mentioned above, "Instant Sell" does the same, so use it. Seller still needs to sign up, but everything else is same.

It's the best thing since steemit it self, helps me greatly! And merchants are always surprised when I show them how quick and painless it is! Anyways, I replied to you in my other post, suggesting to open the "instant pay" function not requiring any registration (I want to donate to help this project stay alive, so please contact me on discord, I left the link there). My critique was not intended to discourage you! Impressive work so far and i hope it keeps evolving no matter what!

It just takes a looong time to convince someone to sign up if they have no intention of setting up their shop within steempay it self, so leaving "instant pay" open for anyone to quickly set up an invoice will help greatly. I'm in love with the service and am most excited about this as an extension of steemit. This is the kind of thing that can will help steem take bitcoin's position as a real currency to match fiat!

@kaliju I appreciate all about that. "Create invoice" API needs to be authorized through authentication for rate contol and the security reason on the backend. The previous SteemPay could be easily exploited aa well. You can make the similar pay without API call and the database. But then it will bring in another security issue which is there is no way to verify the QR code is compromised or not.

Once this service lose any credit about security the entire project will never survive because this is a "payment" app. I like your enthusiasm on SteemPay and the vision you see through. So how about finding out a better way to appeal the sellers to sign up?

Useful to know. Thanks a heap @asbear !

Truely informative . Blockchain bases concept going to support real economic growth. Artificial intelligence is enhacing it's feature

i also want to do something like him

superb, cant wait to start

steemit is going to be the new tech which grows so fast than any other currencies and make a huge impact on crypto market

I just hate the new version

This is a great step towards integration and acceptance by the general public. Keep adding the fiat currencies but if possible add cryptos as well. Not sure how that would work, but I would think there would be the highest possible adoption rate if every currency possible, digital and fiat, is accepted. Thanks for the post @asbear and I am going to signup right now!

Thanks just what we need.

SteemPay is on the path to become major player in the Cryptoworld!
Great news!!! Article resteemed!
Already got my account, @asbear thumbs up!!!

many thanks!

It really looks interesting. As the Steem market grows, we will benefit everyone in the community. It is a great contribution. Greetings.

Dear, asbear, Thanks a lot for share about steempay system, and its imaging post for any new peoples, now peoples can easily learn from your post's all photo if they follow that, Wish You Will share good and helpful thing same like this post in future, best of luck dear

hello there!!!
steem community it is doing very well, it is creating new apps, new ways to use and spend our coins that is great for the near future!!!!!

good luck!!!
have a great day!!!

Awesome project, you've got my witness vote!


We need more incentives to encourage outsiders to use Steem to buy and sell merchandise. There is a lot of e-commerce competition like Amazon, so they has to be a way to grab people attention.

Perhaps Steempay could utilize a negotiation feature, where buyers could get discounts for paying in Steem. There should also be rewards for referring other members to a sale. You should focus on exclusive privileges, that buyers can't find anywhere else.

thanks for your great input! I think every step is very challenging in this project, but we will get there someday!

Very good information. In the end steem pay support my nation currencies IDR.. this is make all’ easy. Thanks for sharing @asbear

I got the verification code and have set up my store, but there is no place to add images of my product. Is this something that will be added later. Also, where can I see the store online? Where will people be able to see my items? I have only listed one item thus far after I can see the store online I will add more items to sell.

Hi @lymmerik, this project is just beginning with "Offline Commerce" features. So for the moment you can use this tool for flea market or your own shop for accepting Steem Dollar for your business. You know that the online commerce cannot be established without credentials so even if your shop is visible no one will consider buying it. We will get there eventually, but never possible at this stage.

And yes, the long term milestone is for wiring these all up into a online shopping platform using Steem Pay online API, and SMT will step in as well. Thanks.

Thanks for the info. I like the concept, I wish you well and prosperous. So, I can make a post on Steemit selling my Keychains and use SteemPay for the invoice and collect payment? or is that taboo? Thanks again

To remind this awesome economy

this is the economy of the future!

This is an awesome project, guys we need to support this coz this ultimately could give value to Steem.

Hey I checked out the application but when I tried to go the /sell route I faced some issue I have attached a screenshot of the console.

Btw I would love to see updates on the project and would like to know more about it.

Screenshot from 2018-06-21 21-37-51.png

Yeah as the code is packaged error is not so clear.

So just get me the update about it.

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Great project.Now seller will easily sell their product with block chain technology..Keep it up......Upvote.

This is freaking awesome news.... will you guys judge me if I twist both my nipples simultaneously and scream in excitement???

Estaba buscando otro lugar para vender cartas de steem monster, esto puede ayudar mucho a la venta y compra de tarjetas. Buen trabajo.

Steemit can become a better payment option than btc and eth.

great info. In the end steemit pay support Thanks for sharing

awasome change the world of economy at future

I loved steem and it's (steem) Technology.
I also adviced to other use steempay.!

But how withdraw our Steem coin in our account?

Thanks.. Waiting for such interesting Platform..

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Can u tell me one thing about the steemit earning that is how steemit website earn with our comment??and what is minimum value of our one comments??

I hope that can support also EUR soon...


Great work ...And this is also available in india I took advantage

Wow...It is very nice. The crypto world is getting more and more advanced. Thanks you @asbear.

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Extraordinary work with this! Keep it up! Credit!

I am really excited bcs steem accepting inr and being Indian it's great news for us.

Mhmm looks like I’ll be selling the physical Blockchain’s on here...

Wow really clean UI , loving it. It's always an issue finding a platform to sell your stuff for coins.

great working actually this world needs like u

gracias lo estabamos esperando

thank you. i think it is interesting

Blessings brother.

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God bless you brother.

I have yet to understand, whether steempay, could do the steem purchase transaction or sbd? Very useful your writing. thanks for sharing the useful. @asbear

This looks like a full-fledged steempay service, UI looks decent too.

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The steemit is really a life changing formula.anybody can earn unlimited without investment

steem is the best cryptocurrency coin. they will publish more and more news like this.......

My opinion here is that it is still important to have this subreddit. People sometimes just hear about the STEEM token from crypto news, and likely they'll end up here.

The blogging platform that's built on the Steem blockchain is Steemit, and some people hear about that directly.

From what I've seen so far, I'm already pretty happy with the lack of spam here.

this is an exciting offer, for me it is new and needs to be studied in more detail. thanks for sharing. post is very compelling.

This is very exciting. I am stoked to use it.

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Do i have connect domain with my store?

Things are getting easier for us steemians. Good work! @asbear #steempay @aasanka

That is a small step for a company
but a big leap for crypto

That is a small step
For a company but a
Big leap for crypto

                 - tsnaks

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Excellent news, steem blockchain are so great!

스팀잇을 위한
헌신의 노력에 감사드립니다.

리스팀 합니다.

Quite interesting...

Here is full description to entry newer. Thank you.......

good news......

Very impressive work.

thank you for the info

Great news!! sounds promising.

nice post

follow, upvote and resteem @thunderland

nice information

Very good information thank you so muchh for halping us.

steemit will be the daddy in crypto world soon because now a days everyone promoting steem article and also so many big leaders entering in steemit world with their team... and also they are working very hard for steem and so many peoples are holding steem so we all know what is power of holding in crypto ..what do you say guyz?

I think this is awesome for all steemers on this platform.

New Russian regulations can harm Crypto Investors.

big news for Steemians. Thanks for sharing this information.

Great product! I have been looking for something similar to BigCommerce and you are developing it now. I am looking forward to try it out!

I don't have job but i have steemit i know one day steemit earning will worth for may jurny .

Although people around here where I stay are just getting to know about steemit and it's wonderful world of experience and getting to trust the platform, I believe it's the new way to go in alleviating financial problems and paving way for people without a standard platform to air their views and sell themselves to the world.
Great effort

Although people around here where I stay are just getting to know about steemit and it's wonderful world of experience and getting to trust the platform, I believe it's the new way to go in alleviating financial problems and paving way for people without a standard platform to air their views and sell themselves to the world.
Great effort

Steem itself is a great project , according to me steem is the future of blockchain

The Steem blockchain and its eco-system is getting stronger and healthier everyday!

thanks for sharing.. looking forward to experience it

Steempay looks very promising! good job 🎉 Are you looking to integrate #steempay with invoicing solutions? If so let me know when you'll be looking to do that and I'll make sure we integrate it in 💪

clear explenation , wonderful presentation I hope I can use those tools in the near future

Thank you for that information.

WIll there be also interfaces to other shop systems?

Keep on the good work!!


This is great news. It will make Steemians more enthusiastic to work harder.

For Steam It
Thank you for your dedication.
The lease team.

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