Tutorials : SteemPress to Write Steemit Post on Wordpress

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Tutorials : SteemPress to Write Steemit Post on Wordpress

SteemPress is an open source wordpress plugin that can help the people most easier bloging on steemit using wordpress. Actually, the wordpress user can write a content or wordpress post also publish to steemit after using SteemPress. I called this is the great development to make the wordpress author will earn their wordpress post from steemit.

Github link : https://github.com/drov0/steempress

Category : Tutorials

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn about writing steemit post on wordpress?
  • You will learn About How to connect WordPress to Steemit.
  • You will learn about the Steemit Private Key


  • WordPress Latest Version 4.9.4
  • SteemPress plugin Installled Download SteemPress Here
  • Private Keys on your steemit account


  • Basic

Tutorial Contents

  1. First Step ; Login to wordpress and find the SteemPress on the plugin page then install it.
  2. Second Step ; Go to SETTING and Click SteemPress to connect wordpress to steemit.
  3. The SteemPress Plugin Options will display like the following picture:
  4. Steem Username :
    Input Steemit username on the box like the following example :
    steem 1.JPG
  5. Private Posting Key : The key that will connect and allow wordpress to make a post for steemit.
    Login to your steemit account to get private key by click wallet and click permission.
    Then Click Show Private Keys on the Posting Key to get Private keys that will be input to the SteemPress Options :
  6. After that, Copy the Private key and paste it to SteemPress Options. See the example on the picture below :
  7. Reward : You can set reward you will get of the post, is it 100 % steem dollars or 50 % SBD and STEEM.
  8. Default tags : You can set the tag for your steemit post. If your tag more that one please separate each tag by a space, you can make maximum 5 tags.
  9. Self vote : Check or uncheck this if you wanna your post upvote by yourself.
  10. Add original link to the steem article. Check or uncheck this if you wanna add your wordpress link to the steemit post.
  11. After the SteemPress Options Setting done Please Click Save All Changes. Then Make a post on your wordpress which that post also publish on steemit. On this tutorials about SteemPress I will write about "SteemPress Plugin Review and Tested on WordPress" on my wordpress.
    After the writing content on wordpress finished click PUBLISH.
  12. See the documentation below. The wordpress post also publish to steemit :


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Thank you for taking the time to make this!

If I had thirty dollars I could buy the Business plan and add this to my site.
I will have thirty dollars soon if not when Steem hits 30 I will get it until then CTRL C CTRL V CTRL A

Great add on to my personal blog!
thanks for your your!
it works like a charm :)

Hi @apkmopo.com .. the links to the tutorials are not working on Utopian.IO .. but when I changed them to Steemit.COM they work

Tried it on both Chrome and FF .. not sure if it's just me?

Oh so I need to create a Word press blog to start using the plugin rigth?

i downloaded to my laptop, but how do i get it to install/run? I don't see where in the file. Sorry if i'm a dufus