BlockIntel Pull-Request: Models, Views, and Templates added.

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New Features

  • Added Coin model.
  • Added id, name, description, website, reddit, twitter, and logo upload fields.
  • Added a basic template to verify correct information outputs.
  • Modified view file.
  • Modified settings file.
  • Modified urls file.


Screenshot from 2018-05-13 00-47-20.png

Screenshot from 2018-05-13 00-47-44.png

New Projects

  • What is the project about?
    BlockIntel is a cryptocurrency information database. The project is being built with Django and will function similar to CoinMarketCap but with far more information available in one space.
  • Technology Stack
    DJango, PostreSQL/sqlite3(dev).
  • Roadmap
    There is no solid roadmap as of yet. Just keep improving and adding features.
  • How to contribute?
    You may contribute via Github or contact me by e-mail if you're interested in collaborating.

GitHub Account

Edit: added another decent PR too.


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Thanks for the contribution!

For future contributions you should add install and usage instructions to the README and also include an open source license, because otherwise the project can't be considered open source.

It also seems like most of the changes were automatically generated by Django, so for future contributions I would recommend that you include more features/work for which this isn't the case.

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Chat with us on Discord.

okay, it's not stable or secure enough to be downloaded yet so I haven't added that information just yet.

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