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Hi everyone, guys! I'm really happy to have found a community like the one that Steem offers!

It's been a long time since I'm studying web marketing and web development, but unfortunately finding collaborations to improve our projects and grow professionally is not very easy.

They are all taken from the business and are looking exclusively for income. Unfortunately, my economic means are very limited and I can not aspire to find a team to develop my projects!

I would really like it if there were someone here who wants to create a development team with whom to collaborate on some project together!

We come to us, for some months I have set up a small personal project that I would like to improve and be able to add some features.

The project

The project is called Jorigamy a theme for jekyll made in Bootstrap4, implemented on Github pages, created to give everyone the opportunity to create their own website for free, in a simple way and with professional features available.

Free because it is possible to host it on Github pages and to manage a good amount of traffic without buy nothing (domain name can be free if you use subdomain or you can add your personal domain).

How to contribute

Moreover, it is currently easily implemented on Netlify and CloudCannon and I would like to make it compatible with Siteleaf and Heroku, to give users maximum comfort.

So I'm looking for someone who is interested in collaborating with me to finish the development of Jorigamy and make it as simple as possible to allow anyone, here on steem, to use it to create their own web pages.

Please go to the repository and take a look at the bottom of the file as I would like to improve the project and give me your opinion!

To do

  • Configure pagination (never be able to install jekyll-paginate plugin don't works in my Jekyll version)
  • Implement on Heroku (Via the button 'deploy on heroku')
  • Implement on Siteleaf (currently it does not have a correct rendering if I try to implement it on siteleaf)
  • Verify that I have entered all the SEO things correctly
  • Enter the possibility of using AMP for quicker pages viewed from mobile, more details here


Meanwhile, I thank you very much for your attention and I hope that this project of mine will be appreciated by the people of Steem!

What do you think about it? Do you want to leave your opinion in the comments? It would help me a lot, I would be very grateful!

Proof of ownership

I enclose some screenshots below that show that the Jorigamy organization on Github is my property and it is I who created the commits.

People of Jorigamy organization

Only me for now, if anyone want to apply just ask

Screenshot 2017-12-18 08.57.00.png


Only one contributor (That's me)

Screenshot 2017-12-18 08.57.54.png

Last commits

Check my last commits

Screenshot 2017-12-18 08.58.24.png

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Hey @antoniotrento I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


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Your contribution cannot be approved yet because it does not have proof of work. See the Utopian Rules. Please edit your contribution and add proof (links, screenshots, commits, etc) of your work, to reapply for approval.

Also you need to remove the part from your post where you are asking for resteem.

You may edit your post here, as shown below:

You can contact us on Discord.

Ok then @codingdefined I'll edit, sorry I thought that since it allowed me to look for a repository it was obvious that the associated organization was mine, but really when you create a new post from utopian-io from the repository section your system goes to search all the repositories on Github?

Done @codingdefined, added proofs and removed re-steem call to action.

Hope is well in any case thanks for your attention.

Wish you a great day!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved bdw you should also remove the part of the competition and the Gif Image showing the Upvote and Resteem (both Gifs).

You can contact us on Discord.

@codingdefined understood, thanks a lot, so it is not possible to do such practices on Steem? I apologize if I have violated the regulations in case, I look for it and read it to avoid violating it in the future. I wish you a good day

Actually, it should not be done in Utopian, as we want more formal contributions.