SteemSwitch source code in Github with GPL3 licence.

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Screenshot-2017-10-10 miblodge steemswitch.png

A couple of days ago I launched the SteemSwitch firefox browser plugin. I have now uploaded the source code (and the logos designed and created by @dana-varahi) to github and marked them with the GPL3 licence.

I've also added a few issues detailing our intended development of the plugin. Dana is already working on code for the toolbar menu! We are both really excited to get that particular upgrade ready for release as it will make the plugin that much more friendly and avoid interfering with the site design as the current version does.

Fixing the links for chainbb tags (incoming and outgoing) will also be a priority.

Once those tasks are tidied up we plan to move on to creating hover menus for steem website links, for adding to external websites linking in, and for inside articles.

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Thanks @antonchanning for having used for sharing this amazing contribution to the Open Source and Steem communities.

I am encouraging you to this often and I have just sent you some shiny WHALES VOTES via Soon Utopian will have enough Steem Power to upvote good contributions like this one and to provide high rewards. For now I am investing my own Steem to highly reward early adopters of like you.

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Thanks. It looks like a useful way of sharing code updates. Will definitely continue sharing improvements to SteemSwitch and other open source projects via this tool. Also encouraging my collaborators to do the same...


That's highly appreciated! Thank you

Very interesting, I like any improvment with steem, keep doing that, I have also couple idea to do for steemit, if you want to know I will tell you in facebook, I am looking for developers to work with, I will be happy if we coopirate, me with idea and you with building.

Contact me if you are interested, here is my facebook :

Okay. Where is the link to the github repository? I selected it when posting, but now it isn't in my post. For anyone interested, it can be found here:


@antonchanning you can see it in Utopian. It's on top of your post when looked from the Utopian homepage. I'll make possible to show it in the post as well automatically. Great work. I am outside now when I am back I'll send my reward. You can edit the post by adding some more info about the tool directly on this post to make it more informative and a word about Utopian would be appreciated. You can either edit this on Utopian or on Steemit. If you do from steemit don't delete the tags. You can add new ones if you want but don't delete the existing ones.


Thanks. I worked it out in the end. I couldn't see it in utopian because there were no votes on it yet (I removed my own selfvote as I like to save my votes for others). I added a few tags in steemit already. I guessed removing the existing two would be bad so left them. I'll add a footnote about having posted via utopian, with links to the service.


Thank you @antonchanning and in a few I am going to send you a whale vote as reward. Soon Utopian will also write a post about the latest contributions, yours included to maximise visibility


Okay, I see now. It needs an upvote to appear in the utopian stream. The github repository is automatically linked at the top only when viewing in utopian, not when viewing the same post in steemit. Okay. This is usable. I can work with this...

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