What? You thought I was done with HF Memes? Think Again. + Steem Flag Rewards Dev Post

in utopian-io •  6 months ago

I would like to break the ice with a meme before segue into my anti-abuse dev post

I present Bad Luck Brian Bug Hunter

You may be laughing but... I died a little inside when I got this news

I'm just playing around. I understand the situation and not sore about it. Ultimately, I'm glad that I found an opportunity to help. Silver lining is we got a good meme out of it.

In case you were wondering, here is the post.

Without further ado, let's roll right into the dev post.



Today, we are going to go over an operational control put into the @steemflagrewards bot maintenance workflow. Previously, patching was done in an ad-hoc manner which had the potential for issues such as when the dependent libraries were updated. Well, we need to start getting serious about patching so it's time we put a schedule in place.

Going to start putting patching into our workflow for @steemflagrewards.

Eventually, the bot will be put into a VPS with multiple admin volunteers to include myself. For now the operational controls will be my duties to perform.

  1. Patching will be performed on Tuesday ("Patch Tuesday", yes, a Windows Admin ritualistic practice.)


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade.
sudo -H python3.6 -m pip install beem --upgrade
sudo -H python3.6 -m pip install beem --upgrade
sudo reboot now

(When OS back online)
cd <directory of sfrbot.py)
export TOKEN=
python3.6 sfrbot.py

I've pinned the msg to our sfr_dev channel on the Steem Flag Rewards Discord


Eventually, we will get more methodical with our documentation. As a matter of fact, I just signed up for readthedocs but I am not sure how to use just yet. That will come in time.

In addition to the aforementioned changes to operations, I have made a few changes our repository that I believe are worthy of note.

  1. New branch created for Steem Flag Rewards Production Code.
  2. Changing STEEM_MIN_REPLY_INTERVAL to 3 for HF 20 - PR for MasterPR for Prod
  3. Adding Resource Credit % to Status Cmd for Active Monitoring. PR for Master PR for Prod
  4. Resolved sfr_acc (LightSteem account class) dependency in function for prod. PR. Also, a few dependencies were switched back to Beem as advised by @emrebeyler for a few reasons, more helper classes being one of them.

Think that just about does it for now. Thanks for reading and supporting my endeavors on the blockchain.

Remember, if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right! 🐱‍💻

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Thanks for the contribution, @anthonyadavisii! I will admit I'm not really intimate with Steem Flag Rewards, but it looks like a cool project with a noble goal.

One thing I would recommend is using a linter to go over your code, as there are some small inconsistencies that don't follow PEP8. I would also like to suggest you read this great guide that was made by one of our (at the time) development moderators - it should include some useful information about how we review contributions. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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Thanks a lot, @amosbastian. Emre also recommended I familiarize myself with the PEP8 style guide, have had the tab open on my phone but just have not got around to it just yet but have every intention of doing so.

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do things but often end up doing them the quick and dirty way which isn't so good for collaboration so will make it a point to slow down, take my time, and adopt a more "do things right the first time" mindset.

I know that open source projects have a tendency to constantly evolve and that makes it all the more essential to adopt a solid SDLC methodology and practice. I have a cursory understanding of those things but sure it would behoove us if I were to become more familiar. Case and point, we are working through some issues with bugs regarding our queueing mechanism which has been quite the challenge.

Starting off, things had been very ad-hoc but we are starting to get more organized and I attribute this, in part, to having to fall in with other developers and learning how to work together whereas formerly I would work in my own silo. I've learned much in my last couple years on this blockchain and Steem and Utopian has been quite the catalyst for my professional development. I really appreciate the opportunities yall give people and looking forward to being learning and being part of that!


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 15 contributions. Keep up the good work!

:( at least you got a meme out of all of this :D


Worth it!

Not to mention I got an @anomadsoul upvote so I (also) have that going for me which is nice. 😂

Thanks, brotha!


404 spam not found. :P
Carry on, @deliberator. Appreciate the work.

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dang it I wanted to delete that after we got comment bot back up!

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