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Sometimes, we use a fork to check if the roast is done.

Looks like we need to put this thing back in the oven! I still got some cookin' to do! 🍖

Check out this sweet new logo @overkillcoin created for us!

I have put in many hours so far and it's time for an update!

     Top Priority is implementation of the SFR credit system. The project Github repository has been forked to the steemflagrewards-credits branch and a number of commits have been added.

     One of the greatest motivations behind this is deprecating follow on flag mentions. This will greatly reduce our comment footprint and appease the critics. Personally, I believe the issue of value with follow on flag comments is debateable but this horse has been beaten to death already.

     Needless to say, I was thrilled to tear out the follow on flag code from our approval bot. Been way too much drama associated with that. I guess the consolation is I got a drama token out of it. 🤔

Production Update

  • Resolve Flag Function

     This is not related to the credit system but allows moderators to update our database indicating flag resolution. For example, let's say a user was flagged for not including the source of inspiration on an derivative work. Here is one such case.


Post in Question


     This was reported by @jaguar.force and the flag was approved for art paraphrasing. This is a category we use when authors omit the source of the original work that inspired their contribution. This may be done knowingly or unknowingly but the goal is to encourage artists to credit these works that had inspired them by modifying the post payout slightly.

     We acknowledge sometimes artists may intentionally omit sources to affect a curation. Perhaps, they have experimented and found they receive more rewards by passing off the work as a 100% original creation when it is not the case. The truth is that their work is derived from the creative energy of another.

That is an issue I hope we would see fit to address. Which type of artist would you like to be more successful on the platform?

  • One that is forthcoming about their work and it's inspiration.
  • One that does not credit the artists and works that inspired their own.

     The answer is obvious. Given two artists with comparable skill, we want the former to be more successful. If the latter users receive higher rewards, one of the best tools we have available to change this by the flags.

     The caveat is that I don't see this as necessarily an indictment of dishonesty against the flagged. We don't know if it was an honest mistake or intentional. It is prudent to consider this matter as more of an admonishment to do better next time. With this update, I have provided a mechanism for the artists that have amended their posts with proper sources.


     SFR moderators may now exercise discretion with the ?resolve command in these instances. The functional implication is the content will no longer appear in the Flaggable Posts section of our reports.


Development Update

     I have been putting in many hours towards the completion of the SFR credit system and have made much progress. I am still sorting out a few aspects and mapping out the logic with our daily token distribution system. I had realized that my initial design had a few flaws which I have taken into account.

     The way it will work is there will be a daily function run which I plan to work with @themarkymark to hopefully have executed via a Cron job. This function will place all flags on paid out posts into a queue for the distribution which will be equivalent to the daily SBD vote amount of the @steemflagrewards account. The current amount obtained via Beem is currently 13.227 SBD (rounded).

     That same amount of SFR credits will then be slated for distribution. Priority will be given to delegators first to receive credits.
We will maintain current flag return on investment values which are as follows:

  • First flag receives a 135% ROI
  • Follow on flags receives 125% ROI
  • First flag from user receives 140% ROI

     Once delegators are taken care of, remaining flags will be processed. If the daily SFR reward pool is exhausted, the flags will be queued up for the next day and so forth. Additionally, we may consider dialing back ROI on non-delegators slightly with exceptions made for those that support us significantly in other ways.

     When you receive SFR bot upvotes for good flags, remember there are delegators behind that vote. These stakeholders have demonstrated their dedication to the project and it's mission. They were willing to dedicate their stake to reduce profitability of abuse.. We should all put in our fair share if we use the bot. That's called being a team player.

To put my SP where my mouth is, I just doubled my own delegation.

     By far, the most significant contribution I make to this project is my time and energy. That goes towards development and maintaining the bot. I believe in the work we do and the strength of our community.

     We started off small and are beginning to make a difference in the novel way we address abuse on the platform. Never did I fathom that we would come this far. I had told myself in the past that I would complete SFR as a gift to the people before I walk away from Steem. I had reached a point where I was weary about feeling powerless with the rampant abuses on the platform.

     At this point, it seems that day shall never come. There is always something we can do to improve the project so my work does not end. Do I hope that we reach a point where operations are more self-sustaining? ABSOLUTELY.

     I love my free time as much as the next guy and really believe a web based implementation is the ticket. At the moment, I am dabbling in a little utility called Webmin which I hope to help build out the SFR website on my development server. The hope is we will minimize the number of times I need to restart the bot whenever we have a Discord "hiccup".

As I have spent entirely too much time on this update so far and have plenty more work ahead of me, it's time to close this one out. Thank you all for your time and continued support of SFR. Let's #CleanSTEEM together!

Would you like to delegate to the Steem Flag Rewards project and promote decentralized moderation?

It's much more fashionable than self-voting.

Here are some handy delegation links!

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New Supporter Incentives Coming!

I will be providing increased flag incentives to those that:

     This will improve our support and flag capabilities. It is NOT a requirement but will be a perk for those willing to support. Furthermore, I will be working flagger / delegator incentives into the @steemflagrewards upvote algorithm. Stay Tuned.

Note: The primary incentive is reducing the profitability of abuse platform wide. This benefits all users of the Steem blockchain so please consider support.

Also, here is my SteemAuto fanbase link if you would like to be one of my consistent supporters.

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Another considerable update, Anthony. Hard work never ends :)

Thanks for all the effort you put into the SFR project. We like our free time, no doubt about that. The day will come when the project matures enough that it needs less maintenance.

Hope the credits work out well compared to the follow-on flag mentions. That should reduce the transactions for abusive posts needing multiple flags.

Showing the ROI for flag incentives is a good idea for promoting SFR.

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Thank you for your review, @lovenfreedom! Keep up the good work!

To be honest I do kinda feel dirty whenever I see my account has left a bunch of comments. 🤢 hehe. Like it did show visibility to the abuser that people are unhappy with the post, but I can also see how it does look like spam too.

Anyway great progress.

I will up my delegation again, probably this week. May as well bring it to the 4 figure mark. 😊👍




Thank you kindly for your support, as always!


Soon, there will be 99%+ less spam.

Thank you for all the hours of work, it wouldn't have happened without you and stan.


No problem and thanks for helping us push back against the shenanigans.

Really do hope @iamstan will find his way back eventually but only if it is good for him knowing how much of a drain this place can be.

Regardless, we will continue to build on the foundation he put so much heart into helping establish.

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My children and homestead needed me more than this broken project. I hope we all can get our capital and time invested back in real value! This is spam.


Yep, long live stan!


I think @iamstan made a wise choice for his sanity.

This place gets draining at times.


My children and homestead needed me more than this broken project. I hope we all can get our capital and time invested back in real value!



My children and homestead needed me more than this broken project. I hope we all can get our capital and time invested back in real value!
I dont mean sfr being broken, I am talking about the fake decentralized steemdream!


Like I tell @anthonyadavisii sometimes, family first.

This place isn’t worth putting above your family.


Yeah, not a get rich quick, for sure.
Thanks for the work you did.


Mr Kebab love to flag, but since you friend, you get a upvote instead, don't tell anyone!

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