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          As part of work on the SteemFlagRewards database, reward shares were gatherered and all database rows have been updated. Believe me it wasn't an easy feat. What was the reason you may ask?

Those blasted follow on flags!

          A follow on flag is when an SFR user flags a post after another SFR user has already commented. It's an optional feature and, if the user has their own meaningful comment to add, by all means, comment at the top level so the user caught up in abuse may see it more readily.

          Otherwise, the user may add a follow on flag mention as a reply to the original flagger mention or SFR bot reply if they don't plan on adding any additional substance to their comment ie a simple "follow on flag for spam @steemflagrewards." comment.

          The challenge was knowing the post to query for downvotes on each follow on flag because it varies. The general rule of thumb is for users to reply to the SFR bot. In that case, I know exactly where to look. The parent to the parent to the parent comment.

          Yes, it can be confusing as sometimes the flags end up another level up. For example, we had one follow flag that I noticed was a reply to a reply of the SFR bot. That means I needed to query the parent of the parent of the parent of the parent. If I'm not mistaken, it was the great great grandparent comment that had the flag. I had to create a "one off" query to update.

MFW I'm trying to figure this all out.

After a number of passes, I finally managed to update ALL rows with flag_rshares data. Now, we're cooking with fire 🔥!

>>> sql = cursor.execute('SELECT count(*) FROM steemflagrewards WHERE flag_rshares IS NULL')
>>> for q in sql.fetchall():
...     q

The above query was used to determine there were no rows without flag_rshares.

I realized with this data. We can do a lot of cool things such as...

Have you ever wondered the total current dollar amount of all SFR flags?

Well, here it is!

          With the rshare data, I was able to perform a query to get the total count of flags and the sum. Using Beem, we could then get the SBD amount. I expected more but we did start out small afterall. We will be able to up this number in no time!

Note, this obviously does not include pre-database flags, prior to @flugschwein's update, that our bot has approved and upvoted. In other words, we've done more than the above number would indidcate.

Now, without further ado...

I present to you the Top 20 Steem Flag Rewards Leaderboard!

DownvoterTotal Flagssbd_amountRankImage
@themarkymark1159123.7261678F10 1 Quad
@mids10622492.23802169F10 1 Quad
@slobberchops51054.90603446F10 1 Quad
@steevc29517.20588206F8 10 Tril
@ipromote18915.21638773F8 10 Tril
@admiralbot65012.08253117F8 10 Tril
@kalif25011.85104474F8 10 Tril
@enforcer484928.616002872F8 10 Tril
@rabbitbot3347.159122054F8 10 Tril
@freebornangel2426.810231887F8 10 Tril
@noblebot6336.545799485F8 10 Tril
@badcontent3745.675132055F8 10 Tril
@revisesociology384.627696777F7 1 Tril
@steemseph4024.618156624F7 1 Tril
@anthonyadavisii1974.601233771F7 1 Tril
@zaku254.569293829F7 1 Tril
@lovenfreedom2063.927161313F7 1 Tril
@crokkon1033.666082461F7 1 Tril
@jacobtothe713.494709893F7 1 Tril
@bestofph2773.36920761F7 1 Tril

Congratulations to @themarkymark for being the top flagger! Shout out to @mids106 and @slobberchops for 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Kudos to all!

Click the below image to see the commit on the Github Repo for the flag leaderboard code..


          In addition to these advancements, it was recommended we try and add a dynamic channel description for #general on our discord and, with a bit of help from @mids106, we were able to get it done.


          Click the image below to see the commit on Github. Note, that the general channel ID should be added to the config and will do so on the next update among a number of things recommended by @themarkymark. Improvements are continuous as I said before.

          This whole things has been an catalyst for my professional growth. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and sharpen the ol' sword so to speak. I've seen it written that iron sharpens iron. I've learned by personal experience that it is true. ⚔️ 😉


          I also got the database table ready for the healing functionality I discussed in my last report. The next step will be populating said table with all @steemflagrewards / @sfr-mod-fund comments and posts.

          The SFR flag mentions are easy as they are already stored. We may want to give thought to protecting user main posts and comments. Either way, we are getting closer to the goal.

General Source

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Also, I guess I should start doing that dropping links in my post thing so I can pretend to be one of those "social media influencer" types.


On a serious note, appreciate any that help support me on these other platforms so we can work together to promote Steem!

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Don't forget to follow @smartmeme for OG meme curation and Kekistani Cleanup Meme Rank Results! As time permits, the meme ranks will be a thing!

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Hi Anthony,
Thanks for another great update on SteemFlagRewards.

Creating fighter leagues is one way of positive reinforcement for the anti-abuse community. You have mentioned "gamification" of fighting abuse on previous posts and this is the realization of it. It took considerable effort and I want to congratulate you for pushing through.

Flagging is really not a lucrative business. It's a risky business with no financial return. The only consolation is the opportunity to encourage a healthier platform.

I hope this new feature encourages our fellow Steemians in joining anti-abuse efforts. Seeing statistics of our efforts is a constant reminder that the $396-worth of flags are nothing compared to the thousands already gained through abuse.

Note that I didn't count the text on your contribution starting from the social media part. :) I hope you understand.

Kudos to everyone! Go flag more abuse!

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Thank you for your review, @lovenfreedom! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for making this all work. Some of us would flag for no rewards, but it's an extra incentive that has helped build our numbers. @themarkymark, @mids106 and @slobberchops are my heroes. This is important work to make Steem function as it should. It's about steering people to a better course.


flagging is very lucrative business , and no hard work required . just pick your targets



If I wanted a lucrative business, I'd just come up with a fancy way to sell votes like everybody else. The difference is what we do has higher principles in mind.

Personally, I want to see a platform in which honesty thrives and there is greater integrity in curation which leaves much to be desired on Steem.

People aren't perfect so we shouldn't expect perfection but we can certainly do better. Think what we do with SFR helps us get there.

So, @smidge-tv, I must ask. Are you ready to finally take part in what we are doing and be a part of positive change? If not, what's keeping you?

Posted using Partiko Android


who are 'we' ? what exactly are those 'higher principles ' ? who will police your actions to make sure you don't abuse delegated SP ? who authorized you to do this ? why should anyone care about your vision for this platform ? why do you need to gang up and bot-flag ?
Are you sure all that is 100% legal ?


We is the community of stakeholders that desire to see Steem succeed.

One principle is honest rewards for honest work. Another I believe is creating a culture of excellence through cooperation.

Bid bots, circlejerking and such have lowered the bar for rewards. SFR users help to raise it and enforce some modicum of quality.

@smidge-tv, when you notice something wrong in the world, you don't just sit on your thumbs and wait for someone to give you the go-ahead. You do something about it. Perhaps, you don't care for our vision but there are plenty that do. That's enough for me.

Not, sure what you mean by "ganging-up" but we will work together to remove rewards when rewards need removing. Don't see that as a bad thing.

As for the legality, what do you think the issue would be? We don't really have a revenue unless you consider flag reward upvotes so not not sure what the problem would be.

Posted using Partiko Android


I noticed something wrong , markymark is owner of the biggest bid-bot + he does circlejerking . When do we start ?

“Penny Fighter 402” is my middle name.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Not 420?


Oh you’re too kind. I’m flattered.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Once my vote power recovers a bit more, I'll get back to trying to climb those rankings!

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