Translating BibleBot | English-Dutch | #1

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Project Details

BibleBot is a Discord bot for Bible verses. I must admit, that I'm not religious myself and only started this translation because @misslasvegas recommended me to start with this project. We both agreed that I would start on a non-technical project and recommended me this one. BibleBot was my first translation project, and I had to get to know how Crowdin worked too. But once I got started, and with some help of @misslasvegas it turned out fine.

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To translate the BibleBot from English to Dutch, I almost had a clean project to translate. Only 10% was translated from English to Dutch. Although it's not a big project, I do admit that it was a bit of a struggle finding the correct words as a non-religious person. It was a small project to start with, and a good practice to get to know Crowdin. The translation contained 704 words. I will finish the last part of this project this week.


Currently, the Dutch team has the following translators:

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Thank you for contributing to the translation project for Davinci-Utopian @anouk.nox!

This was your first contribution to the translation project and we're off to a good start! As you requested a less technical text, I thought biblebot fit that description best. However, as we both discovered: it turned out that this text was more difficult than expected, especially if you're not used to the religious terms. This is you and me both!

However, you pulled it off and did very well on the translation. There were only a few minor points to consider, but no mistakes in grammar or spelling were found.

Excellent work! I am proud to have you on the team!

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Thank you, I'm really happy I pulled it off because it was a tough cookie indeed with all the religious terms. I didn't think I would receive a great message like this though. So that makes me really happy, and I want to say that I really appreciate your guidance and help! I'm proud to be part of your team!

Thank you @misslasvegas !


Thank you for your review, @misslasvegas!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Congratz on the first translation :D


Thanks, I'm happy that @misslasvegas is happy with the translations because it was a bit of a tough cookie as a non-religious person :)

must admit that you didn't strike me as a religious person, that's why I opened the post to see what it was about ;) Nice that you got some translation work! must be a little hard with such old scriptures..!


True, I'm really not religious but we agreed on this project because it seemed to have little technical translations in it. But already moved on to the next project, that fits me much better. But we all have to start somewhere, right?

I did have to think hard to find translations for this one indeed because if you aren't religious, some of those words are completely new. But I'm indeed very happy to be a translator, and very excited to translate the next project. That will keep me busy this month, I think.

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