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New Features

This update to Steem Video Aggregator adds a panel to the right-hand side of the video playback page for showing some videos that relate to the one being watched. It also allows Advanced Search URLs to go directly to searches which may be useful to support content discovery for various Steem communities.

Related Videos panel

This is a fairly standard feature in many video platforms, but has been missing from this project until now. The videos shown are taken from the most recent videos by the same author, and if they have created fewer than 10 videos in the last week, it includes videos they have voted for too.

Advanced Search URLs

It has been requested that it would be useful to allow certain URLs to adjust the filters/preferences, used when searching. In this way, we can for example make a link to show:

Valid OpenMic videos for a specific week:
(posts containing the string 86, which were tagged with 'openmic' and voted for by the 'openmic' account)

Music videos that I've voted for:
(posts containing the string music, which were voted for by the 'andybets' account)

This should help various communities around Steem to link to relevent video content for their members.


Implemented as the commits on 27th May:


These improvements are live at

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