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New Features

This update to Steem Video Aggregator adds a page for showing all the videos posted by a specific Steem account and interactive tags filtering.


Using the same format as we are used to within Steemit, Busy and other Steem front-ends, you can now easily see all the videos that a particular account has posted.

Clicking the preferences icon towards the top-right of the site now allows you to add tag filters. These mean that you can include or exclude posts in certain categories or with certain tags.


If you add tags to the 'Exclude...' section, any videos that contain these tags will not be shown. If you add tags to the 'Include...' section, only videos including one or more of these tags will be shown.

You can also click on any tag beneath a video, and this modifies the preferences, and shows the 'hot' videos for the chosen tag.

Using the tag filter in addition to the other filters and the search facility provides a powerful content discovery mechanism.


Implemented as the commits on 1st May:


These improvements are live at


good. it will help in filtering out videos in a better way.

Nice work, Andy!

Thanks man! I hope you're keeping well.

a different matter.
this is a good post in my opinion.
knowledge as well as ways to improve quality.
this will probably benefit a lot for everyone in "esteemit"

I salute you and wish you a pleasant day.

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