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What is this software?

This is a simple extension for the Chrome browser which allows users to filter accounts which are considered to be spamming and to see more info about any account. It uses an experimental API called Steem Sincerity which provides various information about each commenting account, to re-render some parts of pages.

How it works?

Once installed the user would visit a post page, and once the page is loaded, would click the Steem Sincerity icon beside the address bar.


The page is quickly re-rendered to reduce the visibility of comments considered to be spam.


Hovering over any comment authors account link will now also display the following further information about the associated account:

  • Spam Score - How likely the comment is to be spam.
  • Post Count - How many posts this account has published in the last 7 days.
  • Post Avg. Word Count - The average number of words used in posts might give some indication of sincerity.
  • Comment Count - How many comments this account has made in the last 7 days.
  • Comment Avg. Word Count - Again , this may give some indication of sincerity.
  • Comment Avg. Image Count - Some people post many images in their comments. If you don't like memes, a higher value might put you off engaging with the commenter.
  • Comment Sample - a randomly chosen comment that this account has made in the last 7 days. It may give a clue to whether somebody is simply fishing for upvotes.


Implemented as the commits to 17th March at:

Technology stack

This extension is very simple, and consists of just three small JavaScript files. This is deliberately to allow a fairly broad spectrum of users to be able to inspect the code and satisfy themselves that there are no security issues. It relies on the Sincerity API, which is subject to ongoing development, and expected to improve over time.


As a reference implementation, I expect this extension may be forked or otherwise used as the basis for a more elaborate and full-featured Chrome extension. It may also be integrated into other existing Chrome extensions.

How to contribute?

Please see the GitHub repo for issues I am unsure about, which you may be able to help with.

Because security is very important when it comes to Chrome extensions being used on cryptocurrency websites, and I don't have time to review complex code, I wish to keep this reference implementation very simple. Any suggestions are most welcome, but please start your own project if you wish to see significant changes.

Warning and Disclaimer

This software does not attempt to access any of your private account information, but such Steemit Chrome extensions may technically be able do this. Please only use your posting key with, especially if you have Chrome extensions for it installed.

I accept no liability for accounts being compromised through the installation of any of the software I develop.


This extension is available for installation here.

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

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wow .. a fraud detector .. every day I am more surprised with the new breakthrough that is coming from steemit. this extension is great since we can see if a user comment, unpleasant comment since steemit there is a 65% of users who comment spam, more than all the newcomers to the platform .. good initiative will use the application .. congratulations for your achievement.

Thanks. Hopefully it will improve a lot over time too.

these, we hope all friends, I have faith that the extension will improve and give very good comments ... and will continue to grow ..

What's about other browsers ??? as i am using UC browser...

I don't know how to develop for other browsers, but hopefully somebody will do that, or eventually maybe add even it to the steemit site itself one day! The API is still early in development though.

Soon.. people will love to contribute to this project, it's great one. Is extension only available for chrome or is it for others browser too?

Currently only for Chrome and Steemit. Hopefully others might want to integrate it with their projects soon.

Nice idea, though it doesn't work for me in chromium on Linux.
Let me know if you are interested in combining this in some way with the ever expanding data analysis at steem ocean. :)

I've only tested it in Chrome on Linux TBH, and I hadn't looked at developing these extensions before a couple of days ago, so maybe I messed something up... hope not!

I guess you might be able to make a similar JSON API available for so people could get your info about accounts, and we could document them in the same place? Then myself or other developers could enhance their extensions with this info.

Depending on how you did this, I could actually take them periodically and see whether they'd be useful as inputs to the classification too.

This is very cool extension, man. I've added it to my Chrome and I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin. It's funny how you never thought about alternative routes like that one to have a better steemit experience :)

Cool. Also helpful for finding good commenters.

So the Spam Score is your own heuristic derived from the following factors (in your bulleted list)?

@blackpimple need to try this chrome browser extension on non-tablet

Currently the spam score is derived from the text analysis of the comments and a couple of other account properties, not actually those in the bulleted list. I'm currently working on a better classification algorithm, as I think I should be able to get much better accuracy than I have at the moment.

I hope to provide more useful info soon too.

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A very worthwhile addition long as it works the way it's supposed to and not turned into a weapon against 'honorable' steemians...

I appreciate your concerns about potential censorship. I believe that the community will judge it by its performance over time, and that the project will fail unless it demonstrates integrity.

Good post was very useful

so will this plugin block my comments since i don't have any post?

It doesn't block anything, it reduces the visibility of some comments which it thinks are spam. I see you've made many comments but your spam score is currently 0%, so yours aren't considered spam.

cool, will test this out, are you interested in feedback?

Yes, that'd be great :)

Bear in mind that I'm aware the spam classification algorithm isn't great yet though.

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I like the irony!

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