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Hi Guys!!...

Today in this tutorial, we will learn about few basic commands for programming the Steem blockchain using Python language.

Please, refer to Part 1 before going any further, if the required tools are not installed.


This is all about practising the basic commands of "Steem-Python".

Basic commands

Import the Steem function from steem library. After importing, we can use the function to access further commands (variables) inside that function.

>>> from steem import Steem
>>> s = Steem()

All keys

Using all keys, we can query.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700').keys()



This represents the 'user id' of the steem account holder. This is assigned whenever the user joins for 1st time and it remains permanent for the 'username'

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['id']


>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['name']

Owner, Active, Posting, Memo Keys

Here, all the keys required to access account's different features.


>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['owner']
{'weight_threshold': 1, 'account_auths': [], 'key_auths': [['**************************************************', 1]]}
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['active']
{'weight_threshold': 1, 'account_auths': [], 'key_auths': [['**************************************************', 1]]}
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['posting']
{'weight_threshold': 1, 'account_auths': [['utopian.app', 1]], 'key_auths': [['**************************************************', 1]]}
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['memo_key']

Public Profile Settings

This shows the meta-data about the user.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['json_metadata']
'{"profile":{"name":"Abhijit Roy","about":"A Software Developer, Traveller, Crypto Trader, Blockchain enthusiast","location":"Chandigarh, India","profile_image":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/bitinfocoinfree.appspot.com/o/14068548_1125160424216001_2627046384272844500_o.jpg?alt=media&token=8bb1b1f9-36f5-4b9a-8220-4134f01f8542","website":"https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.topux.bitinfocoin","cover_image":"https://www.ethereum.org/images/assets/1900/Ethereum-homestead-background-4.jpg"}}'


It is null in this case as no proxy server used.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['proxy']

Last owner update

It comes from the UNIX command i.e. January 1st 1970. Also birthdays are written in timestamps (time from this date till date).

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['last_owner_update']

Last account update

It mainly is when the account settings (public profile) was last updated.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['last_account_update']

Account creation time

The date, time when the account was created.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['created']

Recovery account

If your account gets hacked, it can be recovered before any data is manipulated.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['recovery_account']
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['last_account_recovery']

Click here for details.

Post counts

The no. of posts posted by the user.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['post_count']

Can vote

Whether a person can vote or not.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['can_vote']

Voting Power

This depends upon the 'steem power' a user holds. Here, it calculates out of 10,000.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['voting_power']

So, I hold 98 % voting power currently.

Last vote time

Last time, I voted.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['last_vote_time']


All balances in steem, SBD.
The user account looks like this...

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['balance']
'0.000 STEEM'

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['sbd_balance']
'0.603 SBD'

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['savings_sbd_balance']
'0.000 SBD'


Basically, it defines the steem power.
Click here for details.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['vesting_shares']
'1038936.179712 VESTS'
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['delegated_vesting_shares']
'0.000000 VESTS'
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['received_vesting_shares']
'12358.959056 VESTS'
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['vesting_withdraw_rate']
'0.000000 VESTS'
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['next_vesting_withdrawal']

Basically, I have never withdrawn my steem-power. The time itself indicates i.e. before Jan 1, 1970 ())


It is the power to post, upvote, comment. The more Steem-power one has, the more steem-blockchain's bandwidth is owned by the user.
It is like holding a percent of the network.

# Content post bandwidth
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['average_bandwidth']

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['lifetime_bandwidth']

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['last_bandwidth_update']

# Market bandwidth
>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['average_market_bandwidth']

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['lifetime_market_bandwidth']

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['last_market_bandwidth_update']

Last post date

The date, time for last post.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['last_post']

Witness votes

The witnesses I have voted for.

>>> s.get_account('abhi3700')['witness_votes']
['steemed', 'utopian-io']

Basically, all the above discussed user properties can be viewed here-(https://steemd.com/@username)

That's all.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials......

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Great stuff and good detailled explanations with examples.
Now I have to find how I can use all this.. thanks !

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