Shopping List: An advanced mobile application for creating a shopping list for your products

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I remember when I used to go to the market with a napkin full of items. At that time, I thought using a napkin to write my shopping items was the best option, but now I know better. Honestly, technology has really improved lives in so many areas. Whenever I think about how our grandparents survived without technology, I have reasons to commend the developers who are working effortlessly to make life better.

Many users today are still leaving in the past when napkins and papers were used as writing materials for shopping items. But today, I will enlighten them. There's an app I caught a glimpse of a few months ago, the app name is; Shopping List. I have used it for some time, and I believe the app is top-notch.

What is Shopping List:

From the name Shopping list, you know what the app is all about. Therefore, without wasting much of your time, I’d provide a succinct definition made by the developer.

The Privacy Friendly App Shopping List is an Android application that does not require any permissions from the user in order to be installed. With this app, user’s will be able to manage their shopping lists. Basically, users will be able to add, edit and remove lists. A shopping list contains products which can be added, edited and removed as well.

The Shopping List is a mobile app that has a lot of advantage over its contemporaries. It was launched in 2016, it has over 5000 downloads, it requires Android Version 4.2 upward, and its current version is 1.0.9. Those are the basic things you’ll find on it Google play store profile.

Getting started with the Shopping List mobile app:


Getting started on most apps are not as easy as we hoped, but thanks to the developers of the Shopping List mobile app, I had a smooth start with the app.

When I first launched the Shopping List mobile app, I saw a welcome screen that had four different slides with information written on it. I had seen a lot of apps with slides so, I wasn't surprised. What I did was to spend a considerable amount of time reading the information so that I could make the most out of the app.

What I liked about the Shopping List welcome screen was its interface. I was pleased with the amount of information it had, the color combination, and its overall design. In general, the welcome screen was impressive. The next thing i did was to move to its main page. The main page didn't have many features as i expected, but it had what was needed to get the job done. Adding a shopping list was the next thing i did, and it was a straight forward process.

How I added my first Shopping List:


Adding my first shopping list was an amazing experience, it was so easy that I created more than three different shopping list in less than five minutes. At the bottom right of the home page, there was a button with the plus sign as its icon. Since I had used a lot of mobile apps with data entry feature, Immediately I saw the plus sign button, i knew its purpose. I was eager to see how the shopping list is created so, I went on to click on the button with the plus sign. There was a form that popped up with the title New List, and I filled all the necessary information. At first, i thought that was my main shopping list, but later, i discovered that it was a shopping list category. With the shopping list category, you can group shopping list into different categories. I'm the type of person that shops different category of products, so being able to group products into different categories would help me stay focused and organized.

One thing I like about the Shopping List mobile app is its priority feature. Like me, if i need to execute a shopping list for an urgent event, i do well to set that shopping list as a priority. There are two levels of priority on the Shopping List mobile app. High and normal. If you need to buy something urgently, you can set your priority to high bit if there's no pressure, you can set it to low. Aside from all the features, i had mentioned, the Shopping List mobile app has a deadlines feature. When you're creating a shopping list, if you check the deadline box, you'll be able to set a deadline for your purchase. There's also a reminder feature to remind you of all you planned shopping. Another extra feature on the form is a note panel. Most apps are fond of providing a note panel so that users can write about their entry. Like me, i don't think i will be attaching notes to my shopping list because i feel it's of no use to me. The last feature within the form is a stat feature. I don't know anything about statistics but i turned it on.

How i added items to my Shopping List:


Adding items to your shopping list is more like creating a new shopping list. The only difference is the options on the form. When adding a product to your shopping list, you'll be required to fill the product name, quantity, price, notes, category, and store. Also, there's an option to upload an avatar image of the product your purchasing.

Having all these parameters when creating a shopping list is important. Most of the apps that i had used didn't have an avatar image upload feature but I'm glad the developers of the Shopping List mobile app implemented it. Some users will say that there's no need for the avatar image upload option since they had not owned the product yet, but that's a different story for me. I like to buy things online. Therefore, when creating a shopping list, it is easy to have a complete look at what i am purchasing.

The statistics feature:


Though i studied a course that had statistics as one of the core subjects, i still find it very difficult to understand stats when i see one. The stats feature on the Shopping List mobile app Is very classy, and i like it because it is shown in the form of a graph. The stats feature has given me a lot of information. I was able to display quantity against the product, and price against product graphically.


The Shopping List mobile app us an app you should not miss out on. It has good features and a neat interface. After several months of using the app, i can completely say that the Shopping List mobile app was developed with professional rigor.


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Hi and thank you for the contribution. The shopping list seems like an app to try. However, I had issues with the post.

Aside from the pressing issues on the grammar aspect, the post had many minor proofreading issues. This shows on how you wrote the pronoun ‘I’ in lowercase.

Whenever I think about how our grandparents survived without technology, I have reasons to commend the developers who are working effortlessly to make life better.

Effortlessly? The texts above means; you are commending developers that are working with no effort. Is that intended?

Many users today are still leaving in the past when napkins

My question here is: Users of what? You could simply say ‘’ many people’’.

There are many more issues in the post. I suggest that you dedicate adequate time to proofread your future texts.

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Sorry about the mistakes, I’ll improve in my next contribution

Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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