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I have a dream of visiting all 50 states. But there is still a long way to go.
This is a list of the states I have been to so far, (I have to have spend the night before it counts), and next to the state, I have noted the first activity that comes to my mind, that I have experienced in that state.

California - Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway
Florida - Miami Beach & Everglades
Nevada - <3 LAS VEGAS <3
New York - Enjoying the sun at the top of the Rockefeller building.
Wisconsin - Visiting the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee
Wyoming - Driving around Yellowstone
Georgia - Explore Stone Mountain near Atlanta
Montana - River rafting in Yellowstone
New Jersey - Gambling in Atlantic City
Hawaii - Honeymoon Island hopping
Illinois - Enjoying the great architecture in Chicago
Louisiana - Having a drink in Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Maryland - Dining with relatives in Baltimore
Tennessee - Visiting Graceland
Pennsylvania - Riding around Amish land in Lancaster

Of course I did so much more on my travels, and I feel very blessed I have had the opportunity to travel so much.
USA is an amazing country, with so much beauty and diversity.

This is my wish list for things to do on my next trips to US:

Attend a Pow Wow
Experience a rodeo show
Visit the Danish village Elk Horn in Iowa
Take a Selfie in front of Niagara Falls
Ride the Alaska Railroad
See Mount Rushmore

Please comment if you have any suggestions to things I should put on my list?

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If you go to California again I would reccommend a hot air ballon tour early in the morning, to see the sunrise over the vinyards


Thanks @thedane. Great suggestion, I will add that to my list!

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Welcome! Check the PCH before you go, lots of it is closed right now from landslides!