Hello to all photography lovers!

First of all, I would like to thank all the participants of this contest because the level was excellent!
Of the 20 entries valid for this contest (which respect all the rules), I had to choose only 5... The choice was difficult but fortunately for the first time, I have a jury to help me:


Thanks to them for their support and help in this 7 DAYS 📷 B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 📷.

Here is the winner of this Day #1 who will be selected for the final and also the 5 other participants whose work was very good! I voted all your blogs and I invite you to participate in the remaining 6 days! I can not wait to see your work! 🙌

🏲 Before giving you the results I would like to draw your attention to the rule number 1 of this contest.

Your photography must be made by you and must be accompanied by a proof. It can be:

  • A second photography with a paper with "My entry for the B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @flamingirl" IN FRONT OF THE SUNSET. Not only a paper because it does not prove anything ^^:
  • The original version of your unedited photo
  • The photo of your camera with the image on the screen
  • You with your camera with the image on the screen
  • You front of the same urban photography

👉 Examples here

You should know that for the final you cannot be selected if you do not give me proof that it is your job. That's what happened during the last contest and it almost made me give up the contests. If I do it again it is to be able to reward the talent of the Steemians who deserve that their work is exposed without taking into account their reputation or their wallet. So thank you for respecting this and kindly play the rules my friends =)

>>> All the Contest's RULES here <<<


Story (Explanation)
In the picture below,
A Famous monument in Bangladesh & the one who is standing beside a happy sunny girl. There is a fearless natural smile on the face. Seeing the mind is filled with calmness totally.
In our country it is called "Memorial Monument" There is a heroic history behind it, & it is well known to the world today.
Only for a language a nation people can sacrifice their life, to the world was seen by the Bengalis first!
In 21th February 1952, Rafiq, Shafiq, Jabbar, Barkat & unknown others who left his life for Bengali mother language.
As a result of the courage and respect for these language martyrs, today 21th February the world is celebrated as Mother Language Day.
They are the real son of our real mother, our real hero!!!

Love you forever

All photo taken by @ab1319 with my simple SmartPhone.
Model: Symphony P6 Pro | Location: Barisal | Bangladesh.
So, if u interest, then: #Upvote #Resteem #Follow @ab1319 :-)...


2: @onefatindian

A Place To Call Home

These condo buildings are home to a populous, overlooking a favourite public gathering space of mine. I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, however, when the moment feels right, I grab for my phone and take the best picture I possibly can. I think I managed to pull off a good shot here back in the summer of 2017.

The weather was perfect for a sunny summer day and the Irie Music Festival was about to start. I still frequent this place, as my kids love the open space and ginormous splashpad!

I hope you all like my submission for the urban photography contest by @flamingirl.

3: @bekind

First of all, receive a cordial greeting, dear friends of this community. As the title says, this is my entry to the B&W Urban Photography Contest, organized by @flamingirl. It is not the first time that I upload photos to this network, however, in other post I have clarified that I am not a professional photographer. Despite this, I encouraged myself to participate and I do so because I am attracted to this type of art and its forms of expression.

The photo that I present below was taken in Venezuela, Barquisimeto, Lara State. In a short pause of the continuous rain of that day, some drops were left dripping on the glass of my kitchen window, while in the background you could see the buildings of a busy city that when it rains seems to become calmer. For some reason I liked how it looked, so I took a picture. Certainly with a professional camera the shot would have been more attractive, but unfortunately I only have my phone.

Anyway, friends, here's my picture.

I hope you like my picture. My best wishes to all.

4: @himalayanwomb

A fruit Chat seller into city

Here is portrait of a fruit chat seller. I met this hardworking guy at Haridwar bus terminal. We had exchanged few words. As per him he make 250 to 300 rupees per day and the net saving will be around 150-160 rupees on daily basis.
He sells one plate of fruit chat in just 10 rupees, I took one and bus leaves the Haridwar to Joshimath. Sometimes life is not that hard on us as much we feel about it.

Thank you @flamingirl for this photography contest. I have been participating for very first time in your contest, I hope you will like my work.
If anyone wants to join please go through this link:

5: @carlgrand

So this pic is my first try in a photo contest ever ;) i just saw the post from @flamingirl and thought ok let's do this ;)

this shot i did a few weeks ago for a photoshooting with two friends of mine ;) the idea was to shoot some fashion and street shots for a lable from our hometown, but then i thought i want to do a shot with a gadget and found this turtle out of the nineties..."slash" was his name ;)

i was inspired by some pics i saw on instagram where people also use some gadget to spice up their pics :) also i really had luck with that soap bubble flying directly over the turtles head :)

I hope you like this one and maybe it's good enough to win something ;) this shot is now exclusiv only on steemit for the steemit community :) so feel free to tell me what you think about it :)

Do you guys remember that turtle action toys? i still have a lot of them ;) who was your favourite character in tnmt?

Congratulations @ab1319 and Thank you to all participants!!!

See you soon for the DAY #2 of the 7 DAYS 📷 B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 📷!


If you liked reading this article, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always appreciate =D. Thank you all for your support and see you soon for a new flamingirl's adventures!


Hey @flamingirl and jury members @pankajborah & @soorefunmi,

Firstly, congrats to the day 1 winner, @ab1319 - you provided a great background story to match a very nice picture.

Next, to the jury, thank-you so much for your vote as the #1 honourable mention in this contest for day 1.

You may find my entry for day 2, here.


Ooooh my god!!!
I am First!
Thanks for selecting me. Thanks to all juries member:
And special thanks to @flamingirl for arrange this event like this.
That is totally amazing!
Please keep me in your prayer, so far!
Thanks once again to all steemians. Just Go Ahead!

You're welcome @ab1319,
You deserved it!
Your photography is beautiful and this child so cute ... <3.
Good luck for the final! =D

Umm i see... Thanks once again! @flamingirl

Nice to see u Pankaj.
U r rocking dude.

@pankajborah it looks like you have a fan club 😂

Thanks @luckys for your kind words.

nice work, I also want to participate in this,
so below is the image for day 2 participation, this image was click by my smart phone -Motorola g4 plus.

if interested pls upvote me.

I love your photo! Unfortunately it does not meet the criteria of the contest. thank you for reading all the rules here: https://steemit.com/urban-photocontest/@flamingirl/contest-50-sbd-7-days-b-and-w-urban-photography-contest

You can use this photo but you must write a post with the conditions written in the link above. And especially your photo must be in black and white, this is the theme of this contest =)

Thank you!

noted on above points

Congratulations to all the winners. You guys deserve to be a winner because photography was awesome.

Thanks for him! =D

Well thats great and congratulations to all the winners
I will be participating too :D
Steem on

Thanks for them!!! I can't wait to see your entry =D

Hey @flamingirl I am still struggling with the rules i am not able to understand them properly please guide me .

Thanks for the mention and congratulations to the winner. He deserves it.

Wow! I love the angle/perspective of this shot; really nice photo.
Good luck in the competition.


Congratulations to the winners! My entry for day2
Click on image to view my entry

Congratulations mr @pankajborah.
You are really Amazing man..!!

Thanks, for your kind words @pradeepkr34, I am glad I could help, It was fun 😊. You do photography right? why don't you participate?

Sure Brother i will Participate but I don't know The Criteria of participation can you help me out regarding this?

I can participate too. I also do photography. @pankajborah

wow! my first paticipation ever and i got on the 5th place :) what an honor :) thank you sooo much!!! :) and congrats to the winner @ab1319 :) also to all others from the top 5 of day one :) ok let's see if i have another pic for the contest :) have a great time everyone and thanks a lot again!!!!! :)

Thanks man @carlgrand!
You are also best, stay close!

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