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Hello to all photography lovers!

First of all, I would like to thank all the participants of this contest because the level was excellent!
Of the 20 valid entries for this contest (which respect all the rules), I had to choose only 5... The choice was difficult but fortunately for the first time, I have the best jury team ever to help me:


Thanks to them for their support and help in this 7 DAYS 📷 B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 📷.

Here is the winner of this Day #3 who will be selected for the final and also the 5 other participants whose work was very good! I voted all your blogs and I invite you to participate in the remaining 4 days! I can not wait to see your work my Steemians friends! 🙌

🏲 Before giving you the results I would like to draw your attention to the rule number 1 of this contest.

Your photography must be made by you and must be accompanied by a proof. It can be:

  • A second photography with a paper with "My entry for the B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @flamingirl" IN FRONT OF THE SUNSET. Not only a paper because it does not prove anything ^^:
  • The original version of your unedited photo
  • The photo of your camera with the image on the screen
  • You with your camera with the image on the screen
  • You front of the same urban photography

👉 Examples here

You should know that for the final you cannot be selected if you do not give me proof that it is your job. That's what happened during the last contest and it almost made me give up the contests. If I do it again it is to be able to reward the talent of the Steemians who deserve that their work is exposed without taking into account their reputation or their wallet. So thank you for respecting this and kindly play the rules, my friends=)

>>> All the Contest's RULES here <<<

THE WINNER OF THE DAY IS: @barbara-orenya

Hello sweet fellows of the ThirstyDay !
Today I'm participating to B&W Urban photography contest organised by @flamingirl
with this photo taken in my beautiful city Annecy,

This awesome quaint frontage is in the street Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which is a very picturesque one, as is the whole old town of my city by the way... ;-)

the cobblestone streets are the charm of this delightful old town that is crossed by a canal, hence its nickname of Venice of the Alps

Everything is done so that renovations respect the spirit of the place and retain the charm of yesteryear ^_^

Aujourd'hui, je participe au concours de photographie urbaine Noir et Blanc organisé par @flamingirl
avec cette photo prise dans ma belle ville d'Annecy.

Cette magnifique façade aux allures vieillotes se trouve dans la rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau qui est très pittoresque, tout comme l'est l'ensemble de la vieille ville 'Annecy d'ailleurs ... ;-)

les rues pavées pietonnières font le charme de cette vieille ville délicieuse qui est traversée par un canal, d'où son surnom de Venise des Alpes

Tout est fait pour que les rénovations respectent au maximum l'esprit des lieux et conservent le charme d'antan ^_^


2: @maquemali

Whenever you go to a Carnival, the main attraction and the most paid ride is always the Ferris Wheel!! In the newer Carnival, there are some who started building humongous or giant Ferris Wheel, which they now call THE BIG EYE. Maybe it was named as such because at a distance the wheel looks like a one big eye overlooking the whole City. The bigger it is, the grander it becomes. I think at night, the Ferris Wheel lights up so brightly giving the carnival the life of the night.

But I am not a Fan of the Ferris Wheel, we have incorrigible differences that we need to part ways long long time ago. Lols hahahaha. But we are very civil with each other, I wink at him every time our path cross. 😉🤣

Photo taken by yours truly,

Pampanga Eye, Philippines

3: @emotionalsea

Hi Steemit my friends :)
I share with you my 3nd photo of the contest organized by @flamingirl
I photographed this photograph in Büyükada, one of the most beautiful islands of Istanbul.
This island attracts many local and foreign tourists.
The island is famous for its old houses.
It is a very crowded island on holidays.
But this is a great place for photographers.
I wish good days for everyone.

4: @pradeepdee6

All your life, the city stands by you when no one Else.

Boston Downtown Skyline on Charles River
The photo is my entry for 7 DAYS 📷 B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST Day 3 at #urban-photocontest and #blackandwhite conducted by @flamingirl

Boston Downtown Skyline view from Cambridge across the Charles River. The photo was a long exposure experiment without a tripod.
The camera slips down the hand in last sec to create a straight lines of light trails. In love with the city I had never seen and the people i never met. They say you have to climb a mountain to enjoy the view. Some people find the best spot on the ground to rephrase the word enjoy.

5: @sejo

En las buenas, en las malas y en el tiempo. Así lo demuestra ésta pareja de abuelitos que están cruzando la calle tomados de la mano, que a pesar de que pasa el tiempo siguen intactos los detalles y el amor entre ambos. Cuidándose siempre uno al otro.

Cámara: Canon EOS 4000D.
Lugar: Caracas, Venezuela.

Congratulations @barbara-orenya and Thank you to all participants!!!

See you soon for the DAY #4 of the 7 DAYS 📷 B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 📷!


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What is this place i see first time but your post is nice

Every photo is just perfect, black and white photography never lies.

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All photographs are original , I cannot be part of this contest because I am not into phitography but yes if I can help in anyway that would be good let me know so that we can work together and become successful

Upvote my comments and reply

Waaaaah! I still feel like a winner even if im did not make it to top 1. Being mention and recognized is more than enough to keep me smiling all day. Tha k you for the opportunity and i will keep on joining..


Thank you so much for making me part of top 5 for the day 👍
Congrats to all who made it !!

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Oh wow merci infiniment @flamingirl !
I'm happy you did enjoy this pic of my city ^_^

great collection! Keep up the good work!

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