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RE: New way for minnows to get votes (short term and long term)

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I've registered over 200 Nigerians within the last 2 weeks, this will be goodnews for them. I've resteemed. Thanks for sharing


That sounds awesome!😄

Hey @xaero1, do you think it is safe to use services like Steemfollower? I'm always a bit wary when it comes to entering your private keys. Then again, I believe it uses Steemconnect to post/ upvote, which should be secure. I just wanted to get a pro opinion and didn't know where to ask lol.

Do not give anyone or any service private keys!

I'm sorry, but I really don't know anything about it :( probably know more about this stuff than me! I don't think I would personally trust entering my private keys into anything other than, but I just don't know how these upvote things work (as I have never used them, and probably won't need to!). :)

Got it! Only reason I asked is I saw you re-steemed this. I think I just need to learn more about steemconnect. I've used it a bunch of times to do different things (mainly loaning out/ delegating SP) and I think the consensus is it's safe.

Also Steemit is supposed to be releasing a bunch of tools for secure third-party login later this year (read that in the roadmap.) When that happens it will be awesome because you'll be able to use your Steemit to sign up for other services and use your SP there (similar to how you can sign up for different services using your Facebook account)

Anyway, thanks for the reply :) have a good one

Yes, perhaps I should have researched before! Anyway, thanks for the info, and cheers :)

LOL epic idea right there, genius !

Am also facing the same problem, i think this is a great news for me and my friends

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