New way for minnows to get votes (short term and long term)

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If you want to get extra votes
I have a new easy way to show you
check out the upvote exchange at



It's called "steemfollower" , but the most powerful feature is the scaling upvote exchange, made in favor of people with low SP, the lower SP is the higher your multiplier.

This means if you are new and vote for $0.01 then you have 5 votes of the same power coming your way in the future from other people doing the same thing, in fact one of them might be mine and go over the 5x amount. Voting on more things gets you more in return but there's enough you can still curate a bit. Don't expect to get rich from this, but you can go through the other posts of people that are already using it and vote for the ones you like, and it will be up to 5x better than just upvoting yourself all the time!

The signup is very simple, just need private posting key from wallet, I have talked to the developer in length and he is very concerned with security so no active keys will ever be used here and key is not serverside it stays on your computer, so give it a try to get some extra upvotes on your posts.

thanks for reading, I hope it helps you

If you got some little tiny minnows following you consider a RESTEEM,
and let me know if you do ;)

follow me, I post things sometimes


I've registered over 200 Nigerians within the last 2 weeks, this will be goodnews for them. I've resteemed. Thanks for sharing

That sounds awesome!😄

Hey @xaero1, do you think it is safe to use services like Steemfollower? I'm always a bit wary when it comes to entering your private keys. Then again, I believe it uses Steemconnect to post/ upvote, which should be secure. I just wanted to get a pro opinion and didn't know where to ask lol.

Do not give anyone or any service private keys!

I'm sorry, but I really don't know anything about it :( probably know more about this stuff than me! I don't think I would personally trust entering my private keys into anything other than, but I just don't know how these upvote things work (as I have never used them, and probably won't need to!). :)

Got it! Only reason I asked is I saw you re-steemed this. I think I just need to learn more about steemconnect. I've used it a bunch of times to do different things (mainly loaning out/ delegating SP) and I think the consensus is it's safe.

Also Steemit is supposed to be releasing a bunch of tools for secure third-party login later this year (read that in the roadmap.) When that happens it will be awesome because you'll be able to use your Steemit to sign up for other services and use your SP there (similar to how you can sign up for different services using your Facebook account)

Anyway, thanks for the reply :) have a good one

Yes, perhaps I should have researched before! Anyway, thanks for the info, and cheers :)

LOL epic idea right there, genius !

Am also facing the same problem, i think this is a great news for me and my friends

I will give it a try...thanks

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you've peaked my interest...
This sounds like you're taking the Minnows right out of the shallows
and into

the Deep End !!


Your post is very cool, I reestem and wait for the next one @alphacore
thank for infomation and you cool

thanks for resteeming! ^_^

your welcome my brother👍

Upvoted, Resteemed and great info man :) See you @ discord :)

I am a beginner in steem. Incredible, the information is very useful to me and other friends in this platform. I have resteem this post. thanks !

Don't spread stuff that asked for private keys 🔑
Big mistake

So nice, I will try it. Thanks for your tips, i have restreem this post

Interesting. Will resteem this and upvote for you 👍

resteemed, this is great for newer people like myself. Thanks :)

Thank you for .001 gift :) I have joined and am testing out upvote facility. Follow facility is down at present but will check out when it's working. Thank you for sharing, upvoted and resteemed.

nice...deserve my upvote and resteem :)

@alphacore I'm resteeming and joining SteemfollowExchange - Thanks for sharing - Cheers!

@alphacore I fail to find the step by step guide, can you explain using a real example?
How to locate the post (a follower's post?)
then do what? I clicked upvote but didn't notice any change - I did something wrong?
I need the 1-2-3 steps explained, I apologize for being so dense with this.

I'll let my folks now about it. thanks for sharing. I'll look into it also. I was just talking to my wife about how there should be like an old chain letter style service for up votes. And out of nowhere here it is. Thanks

Thank you for this. Have signed up and will have to discover how to do this. I have re-steemed though....

thanks for resteeming ^^
once you get started you will find it to be quite simple to use, the upvote area is what you are looking for then the only aspects to keep in mind are altering vote % such as 25% good 50% great 100% amazing, or something like that. Then you just need to refresh list each time you run out of things to look at, everything else is details worth learning but not needed to learn right away, let me know if you need help ^

This seems like an up voting Ponzi scheme. Why not just try to make insightful comments on the social media platform.

Thanks so much for this info. Have resteemed it. Looking forward to more of your posts..

Thank you. I am new here and this post will go a long way in helping me. Will resteem

it is everything i hoped for ! you figured it out. Bravo @alphacore , upvote & resteem.

Upvoted, resteemed, and following. 😉 I'm still new on steemit, less than 1 month, and Im all getting use to all the lingo. Where would i find a private posting key and why is it needed? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

private posting key can be found in your wallet>permissions area, click [show private] button to see it. The reason it is needed is for you to be able to cast votes while using the app, but the key remains outside of the developers server from using steemconnect made for steem based apps so it is secure, and this posting key cannot be used to access any of your funds so there is less incentive for someone to try stealing it than your master password or active keys. The master key you never give to anyone for any reason, the active key you must be extremely protective of, and the posting key you just want secured so nobody can vote for you but it will be needed for some apps you use to post or vote, as far as I can tell this one is very secure.

Yes, upvoted and resteemed. Hope it serves some minnows though I've got only about 100 of them following me.

Muchas gracias, me quedo esperando noticias, un abrazo :) resteemed

Resteemed :) interesting subject

This seems Great, but one question: This won't put my account at risk right ?

I had some talks with the dev about it and he would rather have missing features than actually require the key sent to his server, if I recall it uses steem connect which is made for steem app authentications and created for local storage of the key, and in this case you will only use the private posting key found in wallet which can't be used for actual transfers :)

I have been using it and feel rather secure

@alphacore you say private posting key but you don't say what else to do. I see the private posting key in my wallet so what is it that I need to do? I have been on Discord on the PAL channel and used it to the upvote channel there. Can you be more specific?

Thanks for your gift. I have resteem your post .

Thank you for sharing @alphacore just give you up vote and resteem

Good Read!! Will resteem!! Thanks :)

Your post is very nice I like it and please make one more post for how to use private key and where is private key.i resteemed your post

Very cool and thanks! :) i will join in the spreading!

wow.....I resteem your post!

upvoted and resteem ... thank you for the info ... please please please mention me in every post you publish

Thanks for the info. Resteem you! I've registered but it says "Follow exchange is down" 😲

yea, the follow exchange is still in development but honestly the upvote area is the best part in my opinion, it means you are actually better off voting there than upvoting yourself so that's a pretty drastic change from the norm around here ;)

@alphacore, this post is very helpful to those of us who are new in Steemit. I have upvoted and resteemed so that others can benefit also. Thank you for your gift.

you're welcome, thanks for resteeming ^_^


Sounds interesting, I would like to benefit from this but I do not understand the key to the wallet, thanks for sharing that information @alphacord, my upvote y resteem for you.

thanks for resteeming ^_^
private posting key can be found in wallet>permissions and there is a button to show the key, it's used this way instead of your master password for extra security in steem apps since the posting key can't access any funds.

Resteemed. Thanks for the gift

Great post @alphacore. I am a beginner here, I am going to signup there. Upvoted and resteemed.

Resteemed! Thanks for this. You're already following me for some reason. :-) Technology is indeed magic. I'm sort of writing about this. Here's my first offering:

shared your post, quite an interesting proposal

Resteemed and hope to look into this more closely this week!
All the best

ok, let me know if you need any help getting started

I definitely do alphacore! I am trying to create and curate decent content but unsure how the payout system even works to learn from. Followed :)

Thank you for this valuable information. I have resteemed it!

Thanks for this informative post. I will go check out steemfollower now.

thanks for sharing. resteemed

well done alphacore, once again!

Sounds appealing, I'm actually gonna sign up right now.

Wow!/I mist confess that you have done a great job here. I just resteemed

thank you for the gift and this information I will resteem and follow ;)

thanks for tip , you have been upped and resteemed @alphacore , Do what I can.

Gracias por la información, estare atento a nuevas noticias, reestem

Hola, @alphacore. No entiendo mucho de que trata esto pero a simple vista se ve genial. Mi upvote y resteem para este post.
P.D: Me gustaría entender mejor. Mi upvote para tu post y resteem.

thanks for the tips @alphacore, i've resteemed this info. but I do not really understand, I do not understand quickly. However, I have signed up in steemfollower :) thanks a lot :)

You will get the hang of it I'm sure ^_^
let me know if you have any trouble

very interesting I'm joining you, I resteem the publication
good continuation

upvoted and resteemed :)

Thank you for sending the SP my way.
Although I am new, I've had two of my stories noticed already, while the rest of my post had gone unnoticed. That kind of puzzles me because those that didn't get noticed were on the same caliber as those that did.

I upvoted you, following you, and resteemed.

I'll re-read your advice posted here and follow it.


Already did 2 upvotes on that program, it looks that it could go somewhere. Thanks for the info!

thanks for the gift, i will check it out sooner or later

greatpost @alphacore .......... thaks 4 info

My whole company in Japan joined Steem :) this post really helps with our publicity! thank you:) followforfollow @maninjapan1989

Thanks for sharing,
Security is important than upvote, because of security, Steemfollower now using 2 servers. Your account is safe at
if you want to leave, just click on logout. your information will be removed from

Interesting opportunity. This should help newer members keep motivated with activity.

I can not figure it out

Great help for us minnows! Upvoted and followed you. Thank you for the awesome ideas!

Hi friend, very good !!!!!
You would help me with a vote in my Blog., Thanks !!! ;)

Friends, good afternoon! It's very interesting to read your blog, although I'm not clear. Can tell me, I want to invest real money in STEEM POWER, but I can not figure out how to do it yet! I'll be very glad if you help me with this! I hope for support and understanding, thanks and good luck!

I think the best way to go about this is to sign up for one of the exchanges that trades cryptocurrency using bitcoin such as [poloniex] or [bittrex] which would allow you to purchase steem at the current rates using bitcoin, then transfer into your steem account and use it to power up. As far as I know it takes that extra bit of effort to get but after doing the entire process once the second time will be much easier. Also a random tip that might help along the way is that bitcoin can be purchased with paypal money using [virwox] there is a trick to deposit with paypal convert into 'SLL' then convert into 'BTC' (bitcoin) and withdraw, you can also withdraw directly into an exchange deposit address. It's a bit of learning curve to get started on crypto exchange, but I hope this helps at least a little bit :)

I have signup on & also upvoted some of links, but there is showing sbd in pending.. so please tell me when I will get that pending sbd or I will get return upvote on my post..? please guide I did not understand..

good question, if you have some in pending it's a good thing, it means your newest post will show in the voting list and others will vote on yours as time passes, so then the pending amount can go down over time and that will mean some votes on your posts have been from there, it certainly works but the return isn't instant, it's actually better in my opinion to have a lot pending because then your post will always be in the list :)

I've registered. How do I go about it? I dont really understand how to use it

It's pretty easy once you get oriented to it. There is an area called 'upvote & earn upvote' in there it will load most recent posts of people using steemfollower, and then you vote on ones you like. Really it is that simple, the more you vote on stuff the more it stacks up the pending amount you get in return, people will vote on your most recent post through the same way you're voting on theirs :)

thanks for share. upvotes your post & you upvotes my post.

with the thing I am showing you, then you won't ever have to say that again ^_-

This is new knowledge for me ...
Thank you @alphacore you have shared information through this post you wrote ...
This is really useful for me ....
And also hopefully useful for other users ....
Thanks again for sending a gift to me :)

Thank you @alphacore for this awesome toolbox . :)

you are very welcome ^_^

The idea of this website is good, but most of the suggested things to upvote dont have my interest. it would be nice if some TAGs could be excluded.

i post TECH related news and projects and i want to upvote that kind of things and i dont want to see/upvote Meme challenges, travel or food.

i want TECH :)

yea, it's a good point some categories might be nice with more people on there now, about a week ago there wasn't really enough people to need sorting since you refresh a few times and had seen everything so probably the developer had it pretty low on priority :)

Honestly these kinda posts should be flagged. This is not good for the site. I'm glad there's people like you at least saying u want material you'd upvote anyway. Most just don't care and are ruining the site. Ur good people!

Thank you @alphacore for the post.... I have a question on my mind, If I give the private posting key to them it is secure or not...or do I face any problem in future for this. I dont know about it so if anyone know about it please let me know.... Thank you.... @supriya1993

I think it is quite safe because it uses steemconnect which was designed for creating secure steem based apps in development, as far as I know it means the key never leaves your computer, and talking with the developer he has said his server cannot access the key and does not try, he values safety above features actually because some things got set aside simply because they require the key to be on his server and he wants to avoid any security risks. On top of that, the posting key can't access any of your funds, so there is less incentive for someone to try stealing it.

I have been using it a lot and feel like it's safe to do.

Thank You For Reply..... @alphacore

I just signed up! Looks cool. Hopefully I'll be getting my 500% back.

Steemit approves this method?

we are steemit ^_^
steem is decentralized so collectively we decide, I say this is great for people that need help

Thank you!

Awesome post, thanks for sharing this. and also, thanks for the tip lol, a good hand is always welcome.

I can't get access with my key.

you might have used the default posting key, there is a small button that says to show private posting key and it toggles back and forth, also be sure not to use your master key but the private posting key found in wallet since that is all it needs and is much more secure. Hope it helps you, let me know if you still have trouble.

Looks good, but I need to figure out all these extra places like streemian and steemfollower etc. I'm a bit nervous about signing up, but would like to give it a try. Editing this comment, because I have just signed up and Upvoted a couple of posts. I have Resteemed this too. I did go to each blog to read it first and to decide if I wanted to leave comments or not.

Have you found there are posts there that you genuinely feel are worthy of upvoting? Guess maybe I need to register and find out for myself. PS: Came here via your RS.

I find a few. There's an awful lot of stuff I'm not interested in. A random selection of posts come up, but you can keep refreshing that. I'm finding plagiarized stuff too. I always go directly to the person's account to read the post and comment If I want to. I don't even understand yet how this is supposed to work! Anyway, Resteeming it was part of the deal for signing up!

Thanks so much Diane.

Can you help me use steemit??

sure ^_^
I wrote a welcome guide a while back that might help some
[Welcome to steemit, this may help you]

I'm not sure I understand this. I guess my confusion stems from the fact that it seems like maybe there is some inauthenticity in the votes then? Is that true, or am I missing something? Either way, thanks for sharing the info. I'm going to look into it more <3

it was a bit like that before anyone was really joined, since there's not much to choose from on voting but you need to vote to have any return, when I joined I was the #50 person so very few posts in total, but now there are so many more then you vote as if it were normal curation - you can't really vote on everything and you're still better off voting for the good posts like normal

Very good post and share positive and useful information for all steemans. Do not forget to upvote and share my post @ ulish07. Thank you to @alphacore

upvote my post
thank you

if you read my post you are commenting in you may never have to ask that again

Such things really don't promote quality posts, just more crap... I'm sorry but that's my view, I prefer quality over quantity!

Can you explain how to sign up to "steemfollower" pretty confusing? went to Steemitconnect / how do I sign up there?
Is it really worth all this effort?

I think it is worth it, but I kinda knew my way around before starting so that is something to keep in mind, steemconnect is attached to steem blockchain just like so it will just use your steem name 'healthiswealth' and then you will use your private posting key found in wallet>permissions, as it is the most secure way to authorize apps for your steem account, you won't use master key or active key since those are for access of funds. (I know it's a little crazy to have a bunch of passwords but once you learn about each one it makes sense why they exist lol)

anyway I hope that helps, let me know if you have any trouble

Very good post . @alphacore. Thank you for being nice to us, new user of steemit. Visit my new post and vote.

Thank your for your tip, I hope you can just visit my page or posting and leave comment, and I will try to give comment and vote your back. It is necessary to make communication with each other in this steemit community. NIce :)

Nice topic and very helpful anny people like this post....

Thanks for this - heading over there now. This minnow has a lot to learn...

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What a nuce thing to hear

This came at the right time. More Steen power to your elbow. Thanks

thank you very much)

Just got your tip.. Nice article

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Now that's paying it forward!

The post is very nice

very helpful post

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