Steem Power Delegation has become too expensive

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Current Rates:

STEEM payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
SBD payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
100% upvote worth: 1.70 SBD
Min/max STEEM payment: 0.01 - 0.5 STEEM
min/max SBD payment: 0.01 - 0.5 SBD
Max post age: 5 days.

Have any questions or suggestions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Steem Power Delegation has become too expensive

Hello everyone,
Bringing some bad news to the table today. As you are all aware the current price of Steem has caused some issues recently. The price of delegation has however not decreased. This means that as of now, delegating steem power is unprofitable.
For a 10 000 SP delegation, it would cost 66.667 STEEM per week, and that 10000 SP delegation would bring in roughly 42.667 STEEM per week. This means a loss of 24 STEEM every week for every 10k SP delegation.
(The above is assuming the price is 150 SP per STEEM per week. Average price is even worse)

So as you see, it is unsustainable to run a bot currently on delegated SP. I currently only have 3000SP saved up with which gives roughly $0.38 Upvote. My best chance to keep this bot running is to wait for my delegation to run out and simply use that 3000 SP to keep the bot running at the much lower $0.38 upvote worth. That is unless anyone here feels like delegating for a share of the profits rather than a set amount.

So if anyone would like to invest a large amount I'd love to agree on a 50% share of the profits. But otherwise I will run with my own 3000 SP at the lower $0.38 upvote worth. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Future updates

Calculate upvote worth automatically
Accurately assess voting power percentage

Have any questions or suggestions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Thanks again for your continued support.

Kind Regards, UpvoteWhale.


plz upvote my post i sent you 0.2SBD

Sorry about that, refund has been provided.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.20.34 PM.png
I never received an upvote for this can you please assist me with either an upvote or refund please :)

Hi @upvotewhale, I did send you 0.10 SBD with the following link:
but I did get no upvote or refund.
Here is the transaction to proof that I did send you the money:
can you please refund.

Sorry about that, had some major RPC node issues yesterday. Generally it'll switch over to another RPC node when one stops working, but yesterday all stopped working for a good while.
Provided refund!

I sent you 0.01 SBD but my post is not upvoted by you

Hello ghlove,
You received a refund as soon as payment was received as I had low voting power at the time.
Kind Regards, UpvoteWhale.

Hi @upvotewhale I'd sent to you 0.005 steem but still I recieve nothing. Hope you can work with it.

Hello chadee,
please check the screenshot you sent. You receive a refund as soon as you sent payment. I had low voting power at the time, sadly it does not show in the screenshot you sent but refund was sent with memo "Low voting power. Please try again later."

If this happens it means I'm currently low on voting power and waiting for it to regenerate. This can take up to 30 hours.

Okay I understand

Good Job upvotewhale...


Sent 0.3 SBD got 0.53 upvote instead of 0.63, please check it out.

And another one, $0.48 instead of $0.63 :(
Please, fix it

Honestly I can't do much more than apologize and provide a refund. I'm having automated vote worth calculation being programmed as we speak but it's taking time. While that is in progress I unfortunately cannot do much more than provide refunds in the event of wrongful voteworth calculation.
Apologies again, refund has been provided.

Thanks, though I didn't mind much about 0.3SBD, it's much more important to know that your service is up and running, sorry to hear you have such issues.
Your upvote service is the best one currently, hope you'll solve all problems soon :)

Thanks for your kind words. I'll have it solved soon enough. I can't imagine it will be more than a few weeks. In that time I hope that crypto begins to recover as well. This'll make my bot start being profitable again and I can start getting large delegation again. Just have to hope everything goes smoothly!

@upvotewhale where would i know the calculation ?

I can't share the actual code with you, but please see below example.
Long story short, I set the vote worth, and upvote percentage is calculated from that.
The '100% upvote reward: $0.90' shown on my profile is kept up to date.

Means that if you send an upvote, it is calculated from the expectation that my total upvote worth is $0.90.

100% upvote worth: $0.90
Current voting power : 80%
Current vote worth : $0.72
Customer sent: $0.05
$0.72 / $0.05 = 14.4
100 / 14.4 = 6.94% upvote worth

6.94% upvote is equal to $0.05. Below factors in 2.1x profit.

6.94% * 2.1x = 14.5%
Upvote post with 14.5%.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Have a nice day!

I transfer 0.010 sbd to @boostbot but I haven't the receive the bid bot upvote can you answer me for this time? This is the memo link :

Hello alfheim, you will need to contact boostbot for help. I am not affiliated with boostbot and cannot help if he steals your money.
I suggest trying to contact @boostbot over text like this and hoping he gets back to you.

This is what I did...plss help me thanks..
3 hours ago Transfer 0.010 SBD to boostbot

Hello alfheim, you will need to contact boostbot for help. I am not affiliated with boostbot and cannot help if he steals your money.
I suggest trying to contact @boostbot over text like this and hoping he gets back to you.

Is it ok to contact @smartsteem for this matter?

I don't know if it would help but you could lower the profit maybe to-200% so more upvotes can be done.

It's an idea, I'm not sure how everyone would feel about lower profits but I will keep it in mind.
Thanks Sames.

Good jop my frend

I sent you 0.01 SBD but my post is not UPvoted by you

Hello Pablo,
You were refunded as you sent the payment due to me having low voting power.

Hello @upvotewhale, i sent 0.5 sbd but i got 0.539 sbd worth upvote only I am disappointed if i did anything wrong? if it is, excuse me, give me more value. I am expecting.

Hello Kunani,
Apologies but my 100% upvote was 0.539 SBD at the time. YOu sent too much. Max send is 0.2 SBD currently. Please do not send more.
Provided refund of 0.3 SBD.

Kind Regards UpvoteWhale.

Thank you! I am very glad and proud of your honesty. But you have sent 0.4 SBD instead of 0.3 SBD. I will transfer back 0.1 SBD.

Aún están funcionando?
Él mínimo de envío para recibir voto favorable de cuánto sería actualmente?
Gracias y disculpa el abuso.

Hello nicole,
Max send is 0.2 SBD/STEEM currently.
Max post age = 5 days

If you get any problems, send me an email at [email protected]
I will see it within a few hours.

I sent 1.6SBD and received $1.275 up vote and it's not 2.1x can you please refund extra amount, I think you can add same in coding to make it automatic

Sent refund. In the future, do not send more than 0.5 SBD/STEEM for most profit.

it is a great sarvice

I have not got upvote yet, check your wallet

Hello ziapase,
Please check your transactions. You were provided a refund as soon as you sent the money. I had low voting power at the time and you were provided a refund.

I hope the prices of sbd improves soon to continue using your service. Keep up the good work, as long as you keep it that way I'll keep using it. and thanks.

You and me both hope it improves! Until then I'll just have to use my own SBD and have a much lower vote worth. In the future when the price improves again (Predicting around May-June) I can get delegated SP again to have a higher vote worth.

Thanks for your support.

It is a pleasure to use services that are really worthwhile, like yours. and thanks for the prediction notice, I am more optimistic, I hope that now in April the price will improve. When I have a certain amount of sp I will support you, you have my word.

Thank you for your kind words. I do hope for earlier but being realistic I don't think we'll see alt season til May-June, only time will tell what happens though!
I'm speaking with my developer to see if we can get some sort of automated payout setup for delegations, and that way I can accept delegations from people like quite a few other bots do nowadays.

Hi @upvotewhale may I ask something?
ahm the minimum sbd/steem will be sent to you is 0.005-0.20 ? and I can receive an upvote from you? is that right or correct me if im wrong :D

Hello alfheim,
Minimum send is 0.005 SBD/STEEM
Maximum send is 0.20 SBD/STEEM

Simply send between 0.005-0.20 SBD/STEEM with a link to the post you want upvoted in the memo and it will be upvoted within 30 seconds or you will receive a refund.
If you do receive a refund, you can check the transfer and read the memo for the reasoning for why you were getting a refund.

If you do not receive a refund or an upvote within 30 seconds, something went wrong and you need to send me a message so that I can manually refund you.

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you @upvotewhale that would be nice :D

If I send a link from my post, and send to you the minimum sbd/steem you will upvote it for 7 days?
or less than that? sorry for getting so many questions :) hope you understand me :)

I'm not 100% sure I understand the question, if you mean what is the maximum post age, I will only upvote posts up to 5 days old.
If a post is over 5 days, you will receive a refund.


I have send you 0.04sbd.but i haven't get your upvote.24hours have already passed

Hello Minhaz,
Sorry about that, refunded now. RPC node issues caused a few transactions to be missed.

Check your wallet .. Thank

Hello ziapase,
Could you please give me some context. What are you referring to?

Hi @upvotewhale, I did send you 0.80 SBD with the following link:
but I did get no upvote or refund.
Here is the transaction to proof that I did send you the money:

Can you plz refund.

Hi Stehaller,
Sorry about that, I presume an RPC node had a failure as I cannot see the transaction in my bot. I have provided the refund of 0.80 SBD.
In the future, please send me an email at [email protected]

I check my email very often, but I only check replies on steemit once every day or two.

Hi @upvotewhale, I have sent you 0.180 SBD with the following link :
but I did get no upvote or refund.
Here is the transaction to proof that I did send you the money:


can you please refund?
please reply me

Hi Oni,
Apologies for the inconvenience. I've provided you with a refund.
I'd like to mention I'm working towards a permanent solution to these problems. Currently we're using a streaming service to collect the transaction data, but are now moving towards one that checks transaction history, that means once upgrades are complete, there will no longer be any missed transactions.
I'll make an update once updates have been implemented successfully.

So the only way to get anywhere on this site is to have a bot?
What about real content from real people?

I thought exactly the same as you when I first started on Steemit! However, it's the only way to get people to actually see your "real content". You have to use "Upvote Bots" to increase your visibility, Steem Power, and most importantly your reputation number! These are the reasons I use Upvote bots, not to make money (as I often don't ) but simply to get seen, so that other people with real interest in my posts can come to vote and follow me ~ This is the way to move forward on Steemit, until your "reputation and SP" is so high that you don't need bots anymore ~ Just my opinion :)

Hi, I sent you 0.1 SBD twice with this memo: and you gave me the vote for only 0.1. Can you return the other 0.1 SBD?

Best regards. As soon as possible, please send the positive vote due to the attached transfer

Transferencia para voto positivo.jpg

Hi Arac,
I apologize profusely for the missed transaction. There's been a lot of them lately. I'm working hard on a solution that'll make missed transactions a thing of the past. I cannot promise a deadline but I hope no more tahn another week or two.
Currently we're using a streaming service that'll "stream" the transactions to me, but it misses transactions once in a while when there is delays on the network or if the RPC node goes down and we need to use another.

We're switching to a solution that'll simply check transaction history for which has received upvotes. This means that if an RPC node fails, it'll simply check again, rather than missing the transaction.

I've now provided you with a refund. Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards, UpvoteWhale.

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I want your more services tell me about more

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