Slow collecting investors

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Current Rates:

STEEM payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
SBD payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
100% upvote worth: 4.50 SBD
Min/max STEEM payment: 0.01 - 1 STEEM
min/max SBD payment: 0.01 - 1 SBD

Have any questions or suggestions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Steem power getting expensive

Hello everyone, just sending out an update as a large investor dropped out, so we're down to $4.50 as 100% upvote. Currently it's only profitable if I get 95 +SP per STEEM paid per week.
And the average delegation price is now 70-90 SP per STEEM per week.

I'll keep the service up for now while I have my current delegations but I presume they'll drop out for better prices soon enough.
At that point I can leave the service up with my own SP, which will be significantly lower, but operational.

At that point I might consider selling the code to the bot, but we'll see if it comes to that.

Future updates

Allow links with "#comments" at the end -- COMPLETE

Allow comments in memo with link (Almost fixed) -- COMPLETE

redesign bot to work with account history (Almost complete)
Calculate upvote worth automatically
Allow links (Almost fixed)
Fix issue with bot get stuck when voting power goes under 70%.
Refund payments for posts older than 6 days.

Have any questions or suggestions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Thanks again for your continued support.

Kind Regards, UpvoteWhale.


Hi Upvotewhale, I sent 1.5 $ about 2 hours ago and did not get an upvote. Post

Can you take a look and see what happened

Upvoted this post. Should cover 2.1x profit.
Not sure what happened, shows up in my logs and what not but was not upvoted. Might've been an RPC node failure but there's no way to tell as everything shows as it was working perfectly.
Apologies for the delay.

Hello upvote whale i sent you 0.500$ and i have not seen your votes all i saw was comments. Here is the link to the post

Hello sammyswt,
I see the problem. The post has been upvoted before. Each post can only be upvoted once. I upvoted your post here, that should cover all the payments.

I transferred 0.2 Steem to you for an up vote and I was never rewarded. The comment came through but no earnings on my wallet

Upvoted this post. Hope that'll cover what was missing. I presume what happened is you asked for an upvote on a post that is older than 7 days, so it could not be upvoted.

yeah i agree. I noted yesterday that steem power is becoming expensive day by day. when whole crypto market is stable then everything will be fine

"when whole crypto market is stable" is that ever likely, lol. ;)

blocktrades is offering 90 day leases of SP at great prices - i can't calculate very well , but it maybe what you need . keep well my friend -David

Yes, Blocktrades has exactly what I need, but the problem with it is that it's virtually impossible to get any sort of delegation from them seeing as they have an incredibly high demand.
Really appreciate the tip though!

they're opening delegation again soon

Hey @upvotewhale I sent you 0.01 SBD but I din't have received your upvote or coment.

Here's the memo link

Post was past 7 days age, so it could not be upvoted. Please make sure in the future the post is less than 6 days old.
Upvoted your comment.

Happened again with my other post, it it's not older than 6 days...

And on another try that I did, at least I got a refund as the image.

Click on the image to view bigger

Here's the proof that shows that the post isn't older than 6 days.

Click on the image to view bigger.

Hello Japonada,
I apologise for the late reply. I am currently on holiday so I have not been active.

I have checked it and for some reason this transaction was missed by the upvote bot. I have provided a refund for this transaction.
Apologies again for the delay.

I see this is so good, keep on and continue
If you can't find investors till now, this is not a problem ... you can continue with the current amount of SP and it's good for both you and the customer
I see it's always profitable even if the profit decreases but there is no loss
I encourage you to continue :)

i think this means buy some more!

Please check your transactions, you were refunded less than 30 seconds after you sent the money. Reason for the refund was low voting power.

followed you, hope we have a good conversation. :)

If i sent 0.01sbd for my post to upvote you, how many can you return vote for my post?

You receive a 2.1x profit on any payment between 0.01 and 1 SBD.
This means 0.01 SBD payment returns a 0.021 SBD upvote.

So, this means we are about to lose one of the best voting services. This was the only bot i knew that provided positive ROI. There is always a 20% loss with every bid bot.

I'll stay up and running for as long as it stays profitable for both my customers and for me. That does sadly mean max I can accept at the moment is 1 SBD per upvote, but hopefully things will look up in the future and I can get more delegation once prices stabilise.
We will have to wait and see what the futures holds at least.

Hi @upvote whale why have you been returning the sbd sent to you,you've done that twice i need an upvote on my post. Please kindly reply

Please read the memo on the refund. It'll explain that I'm returning the funds due to me having low voting power. Once voting power regenerates then I will upvote posts rather than provide refund.

How does this work, please? Could be she'd more light?

I love to be enlightened more on it. Thanks

Long story short, send me between 0.01-1 SBD-STEEM and receive a 2.1x upvote.
The post you want upvoted should be in the memo.

Send 1 SBD to upvotewhale

This would then send a $2.1 upvote to that post of yours.
Post must be less than 6 days old to work!

If you do not receive an upvote or refund within 30 seconds, then something went wrong and you need to send me an email at: [email protected]
So I can provide a manual refund.

How many sbd will I send to get 1sbd

Anything you send will get you a 2.1x upvote.
This means if you send 1 SBD, you get 2.1 SBD in return.
Send 0.01 SBD, get 0.021 SBD in return.
Send 0.1 SBD, get 0.21 SBD in return.
Send 0.5 SBD, get 1.05 SBD in return.
etc... etc...

how old the post to be voted on is allowed to be ?

Max post age is 6 days.

It's true :( Steem Power is get expensive from day to day. Don't know when it will stable

We'll have to wait and see.