Redesigning bot entirely!

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Current Rates:

STEEM payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
SBD payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
100% upvote worth: 8.90 SBD
Min/max STEEM payment: 0.01 - 4 STEEM
min/max SBD payment: 0.01 - 4 SBD

Wish to delegate to me or have any questions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Redesigning bot

Hello everyone, exciting news. With how many issues we are experiencing with the RPC nodes I will be redesigning the bot to work substantially different. As of now, it currently receives a stream from the RPC nodes that notify when a transaction is received. This means if RPC node fails, that transaction is missed.
I'm in the process of having it redesigned to check transaction list once every 30 seconds for transactions without an upvote. This means if it fails to upvote due to RPC node failure, it will then keep reattempting to upvote the post every 30 seconds until successful.
I still plan on putting RPC node redundancy in place because if an RPC node fails completely it might be hours before it starts working again.

Future updates

redesign bot to work with account history (Will be first priority)
Calculate upvote worth automatically
Allow links (Almost fixed)
Allow comments in memo with link (Almost fixed)
Allow links with "#comments" at the end (Almost fixed)
Add redundancy to RPC nodes
Fix issue with bot get stuck when voting power goes under 70%.
Refund payments for posts older than 6 days.

Wish to delegate to me or have any questions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Thanks again for your continued support.

Kind Regards, UpvoteWhale.


Quiero delegar pero no se como me explicas por favor

Hello Nolangel,
I very much appreciate you wanting to delegate to me but you do however not have enough STEEM power to delegate to me. If you do wish to support me, continue to use my service, and I will be very greatful! :)
Thank you for your continued support.

@upvotewhale Sent you a small test transaction, how long does it take to receive upvotes usually? I like your bot idea and if it works well then I will continue to use your service 🙂

Hello, upvote is instant, if you do not receive an upvote within 30 seconds something went wrong. In which case you should be refunded. If that doe not happen please send me an email so I can correct it
[email protected]

@upvotewhale I haven't received my upvote, nor any refund, please could you look into it for me please?

Hello gringo, as said please send me an email with the details and I'll be sure to provide a refund.
Email me a link to the post, and the amount you sent. I'll confirm the payment as missing and provide a refund.
email: [email protected]

EDIT: Managed to find transaction. Provided a refund for 0.05 SBD.

Thanks, @upvotewhale will try again to purchase an upvote

Great service @upvotewhale, been using it a couple of times now. Keep it up, will delegate in the near future once I have accuired enough steem power.

Thank you! The support is much appreciated.

i want to delegate my steem but i dont have enough SP

Thank you ricmark, keep using the service til you make enough a decent amount and then we can see :)
Thanks again for your support.

Great service @upvotewhale, been using it a couple of times now. Keep it up, will delegate in the near future once I have accuired enough steem power.

i like instant bot more than a bit bot.

i would like to deligated 100sp to you..


do i need only to delegated with vessel?

like the writing very much and I vote.Please do the same

great information...
first time i see you...
visite your blog...
you are a really great man...
thank you, sir

Nice. Thanks for this. It really helps a lot.

Good Evening, I am interested in delegation to your service. Can you be so kind as to inform me of my expected ROI upon delegation? Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Jacob A Billett, M.B.A
CEO Billett Enterprises, Inc.

Hey man @lays and @withsmn and @upvotewhale is the best safest way to go. make sure to really wait until last 5 mins to vote on the big bid bots. Goal in my opinion is to get 225% return to 270% return. is great to check voting power of each bot in the other category

Hey brotha! I'm experimenting with certain bots now, just did 55 to @upme and think I got screwed for 55 SBD. These guys bots or manual? I'll invest in them if they are legit with decent ROI. Even through you some as well for the referral. check voting power try and use at 80%-100% for "other bots" i suggest posting 4 times a day using @lays @upvotewhale and @withsmn @randowhale is cool when awake. Be sure to follow line instructions.
8-10sbd with @lays
3-4 sbd with @upvotewhale
1-3. Sbd @withsmn
Goal is 225%-270% return.
Voting big on the big bid bots hogging the voting value doesnt help make friends or followers... But check big bid bots early morning. Make sure 25% curration fee box is on and switch currency to sbd so as nit to confuse yourself...

55 sbd is a super savage way to vote on a bid bot... Check the big bots out early morning like 2am-6am pst

I definitely will man. I'm CST, and normally up at 4am CST for the gym. Might screw around and see what I can do. My 55 SBD got me about 108 SBD with upme, so a decent return. I made sure I was highest bidder on it, even though it showed -6% ROI.

Still ok. Goal would be a 130 to 150 up vote to account for 25% curration awards for the fine people upvoting and commenting on your posts!

Hello Jacob,
If you're referring to delegating SP to me then I can either be paid a set amount weekly/monthly or you can be paid a percentage profit off of your investment. I believe 75% is a fair share.
Let's say I have 1000 SP invested in me, and 200 SP of that is your delegation to me, that'll mean your share is 20%, which you get 75% of.
This means if I make 10 SBD in 1 day, your share would be 2 SBD, 75% of is yours. You would then receive 1.5 SBD for that day.

If you're referring to ROI on using my service, at the current moment in time, my 100% upvote(with 100% voting power) is $8.70. You can send between 0.01 - 4 SBD/STEEM.
You will receive a 2.1x upvote, after 25% curation this gives about 1.5-1.6x profit.
I do accept payments in both STEEM and SBD although I highly recommend paying in SBD as that way you have a guaranteed 1.5-1.6x profit. With STEEM it can fluctuate quite a bit.
Please note, I provide an instant upvote, which if you pay for an upvote within the first 30 minutes, provides an added bonus when it comes to curation rewards.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Kind regards, UpVoteWhale.

great post @upvotewhale just upvoted you and awaiting the upvote on my post keep up the good work

ı don't understand to what are you doing? can you explain me

I am an upvote bot. You send me money and include a link to a post in your memo, and I will upvote the post you linked to in the memo with 2.1x worth of what you sent me.
You send me 1 SBD with your newest post in the memo. I will upvote that post with 2.1 SBD

ı have no 1 SBD :(

Minimum payment is 0.01 SBD/STEEM.
I did however upvote both of your posts to get you going.

my last post did not receive the vote I do? I've already used the bot helpme

Hello kylestam,
I checked your post. The reason you did not receive an upvote is because your post is too old and it was unable to upvote it. Refunded transaction.

Can you help me understanding that how can I increase my upvoting power

Voting power is something that you have from your total amount of Steem power.
The more steem power you have, the more voting worth you have.
To get more steem power, you need to power up your STEEM.
This can be done by click your STEEM balance and selecting power up.
Please note to withdraw STEEM power, it'll take 3 months. Don't power up unless you don't want to withdraw that money for at least 3 months!

Thanks sir
I really appreciate your help

I want to delegate but I do not know how you explain to me please

It is recommended to have at least 500 SP before you consider delegating. YOu can continue to use my service until you reach that point. THank you for your continued support.

Nice post..
It's going to help @ upvotewhale

Nice post..
It's going to help @upvotewhale

Can I use this bot with my post that is up to 24hrs ??

Hello florae,
You can use this service for posts up to 6 days old. Recommended to upvote posts that are less than 30 minutes old as then you get an added curation bonus! :)
Thanks again for your support. Have a great day.

Id realy like to delegate my steem but unfortunately i dont have enough SP so far..

My last post did not receive the vote I do? I've already used the bot helpme.This is the post:

Hello, The post is past the 7 days period and could not be upvoted. Provided refund.

great job @upvotewhale.

Great information
Thanks you so much

Hello, you sent this link to me:

This is a link to your profile that cannot be upvoted.
Refunded transaction.

im ready to use your service