hello i sent 0.100 SBD yesterday and have not received any upvote. Please upvote or refund the amount, Thanks! - I accidently sent you 250SBD instead of 2.5SBD, Can you please return it back?

Man i love this bot so much <3


Why not vote I have sent sbd, for you 0.450

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how to send 0.1SBD to u ? guide please

Hey Moeenali, I'm Laabo, I own

  1. Go to your wallet
  2. Click the arrow next to your SBD amount
  3. Click transfer
  4. Type in the amount you'd like to transfer and put the link to the post you would like to upvote in the memo.

Do you understand?

Hey, any idea why your bot on is continuing to receive bids even when the ticker is at 00.00 seconds? I bid 0.2 SBD and when the bidding closed the ROI was 0.81 SBD, then the bids kept coming for about another minute, and I actually received 0.35 SBD. After curation that is 0.26 SBD. Only just in profit. I do not want to be throwing SBD away at unprofitable bots, that do not vote when they say they should!

It appears a lot of bots are doing this, accepting bids are the countdown has finished. It is very misleading. Is the problem with your bots code or steembottracker?

Sorry to hear that vision. The problem is not with my bot, it's the way the site works. Also, people wait till very late in the round before bidding. I'd recommend, no one to bid past the last 30 seconds of a round in order to reduce the chances of this occurring.

Absolutely. People are trying to get in last minute and end up spoiling the returns for everyone. I watched @smartsteem and others still taking bids a full 15 minutes after the round had reached zero seconds. Maybe there was a problem last night or maybe steembottracker code needs updating? Thanks for the reply.

I am not satisfied with the vote, send 6 sbd to promote these publications and I did not receive my money back. they should return the sbd # I feel cheated - 37.99% - 37.99%

is this like randowhale? will it get a grumpy cat flag?

You my post upvote and comments. So I your post upvote and comment.

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