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Dear Steemians,
due to the frequent abuses of the Minnowhelper services, we have made the decision to make some changes in the conditions of use.


While Minnowhelper does not plan to directly supervise which type of Posts the Bot is used in, we will investigate allegations of abuse by the community. Minnowhelper reserves the right to rescind its vote of a user without refund if the user uses the votes in a manner that Minnowhelper (in its sole discretion) considers harmful to the Steem community. In addition, the user will be included in the blacklist and will not be able to continue using Minnowhelper's services. The most common forms of abuse in this context would be: the frequent voting of publications with almost no content and / or messages of plagiarism (Spam), phishing attacks destined to defraud other Steem users.

On the other hand, Minnowhelper does not generally consider it abuse when a user upvotes their own posts as long as the posts consist of original, non-fraudulent material that can be argued to have some meaningful content (even if it’s just an original joke).

If you want to report a case of abuse, do it in our Slack Chat.

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Another important change

When the Bot calculates a window, and an bid does not reach this minimum 0.25% of a vote, it will be ignored. All bids are accepted no matter how little they impact the total. Keep in mind if your bid was ignored because it did not reach the minimum value no get Refunds. Avoid that your bid ignored by sending a larger amount of SBD for one vote.

for example:

Its offer is 0.01 SBD, but it does not reach the minimum of 0.25%. This offer will be ignored by the Bot

Its offer is 0.01 SBD and reach the minimum of 0.25%. This Post will be vote by the Bot.
Suggestion: You can follow the value of your bid at here

Please note that if your bid does not reach the desired vote level (min 0.25%). You can make a second bid before the window closes and thus increase your voting level.


Do not forget to read the Terms of Use. (http://minnowhelper.com/conditions.php)

Users who ask for help with technical problems in our publications will be ignored. If you need help, contact us through Slack Chat.

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Happy Bidding & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.


I sent 2 SBD five hours ago and still did not receive an upvote. Can you please check on it. Thank you.

Please have some patience, given the large amount of demand, the robot is taking longer than usual .

i mistakely sent you a wrong link , will you please check it :) . i will be so glad . 0.4 sbd for a newbie is much :( i would appreciate if you upvoted in my some other posts :) that was the only sbd i had . i dont have any more , i was trying to increase sbd , my bad luck i did mistake, i would love if you upvoted in my some other post or refund me please

or please upvote in this post https://steemit.com/social/@sanjay2011s/some-major-social-problems-in-nepal

I sent 0.10 SBD 3 hours ago and still did not receive an upvote. Can you please check on it. Thank you.
Link : https://steemit.com/sbd/@kabibitak/daily-price-report-steem-dollars-sbd-steem-and-bitcoin-btc-07-january-2018

you can increase the min bid value instead of such a limit. It's nothing to take the people's money and not give it back

I sent 6 or 7 order to 0.010 and 0.020 SBD. but I am really shocked to see that still did not receive any upvote about 7 hours.!!!

I accidentally sent you 7 days old link. Please refund my steem dollars.

Could I get less than the SBD I sent? You might not get it at all, do you?

@minnowhelper Could you add this genius to your blacklist.


The entirety of his blog is nothing but spam and late term vote buying in order to farm the rewards pool.

He has already been blacklisted by @minnowbooster had his delgated Steempower rescinded and is now using your service as a substitute. I wrote and entire article about him here:


If you would be so kind as to give it a read as it explains his abusive pattern of behavior.


I sent 0.03 SBD 15 hours ago and still did not receive an upvote. Can you please check on it.

I sent in 0.20 SBD 1 hour ago and its the only bot that didn't vote. Is there a problem? Did you just take my money? Can you please explain how long it will take and if it doesn't go by a certain time, what do I do to get a refund?

All the other bots I submitted for tonight have been voted. Please help me understand how this works if you want me to be a regular customer

I sent 0.01 SBD 4 hours ago twice and still did not receive an upvote. Can you please check on it. Thank you.

Before asking, read this Post!!! ↑↑↑↑
I am sure that the answer is hidden in its content.
Thank you very much.

dear if I received vote my 4/5 days before post have any problem

I send 0.030 SBD yesterday to you, but my post have not upvoted by you. Please upvote or refund it...
Memo: https://steemit.com/vegetables/@tushar64/health-benefits-of-bean

follow the rules

They are bounding us with conditions while they are scamming our little amount of sbd.

Why is @minnowhelper scamming? when you just have to follow the rules of minimum vote percentage, where is the scam please explain?

I sent 0.05 sbd 2 times for my two post.. but didn't get upvote.. 3 hour gone already.. please upvote...

I sent 0.05 sbd 2 times for my two post.. but didn't get upvote.. 3 hour gone already... check please...

its been 3 hours and more I sent 0.5 sbds to @minnowhelper still did'nt get upvote ...
I humbly request check it
link: https://steemit.com/steemit/@learnandgrow/i-got-54-reputation

I sent you 2 SBD , but no votes, what's happening ? Do you just eat up based on your conditions ?

plz..give me my 5 SBD...
why not return..

my bid followed your rules but did not get upvote my 2 post

I sent 0.08 SBD ten hour ago and still did not receive an upvote. Can you please check on it. Thank you.

I gave you 0.05 sbd 5 hours ago.but I didn't found any upvote from you.

Hello, 6 hours ago sent 0.100 sbd for the post https://steemit.com/life/@iren007/a-real-love-story-with-unrealistic-characters-author-s-novel but still have not received like

Nice you are now scamming all their with just one little bullshit condition of yours. While you are miss using and selling your steempower doing business in the name of quality content.

About all of them less then .25% vote in the screenshot :)

The same happened to another upvoter. He changed conditions but I had no clue abt it and lost SBD...Not only me btw. Trying to be in a good mood but don't manage to...Start to think tt nobody really cares abt minnows and all is abt money only. Go away wrong pessimistic thoughts...!

Hmm you are right. That's why all bot owners are increasing minimum bids when the price of sp and sbd rises this week.
Even this bot didn't follow his own conditions and creating new ones while we've already bidded our sbd here.

Sometimes Im so tired to read all their changes...But all my posts without their upvote worth almoust nothing. I hope this is not the only way to get upvotes but reading all tips make me think tt only this one is workable.

No problem we will share votes next time I followed to keep in touch :)
And stay away from this bot specially and bet on refundable bots.

@minnowhelper it's 4 hours i sent you 1.5sbd and haven't received my upvote. Please sort it out.


21 hr ago I send you 0.01 SBD to this post but the post was not upvoted. Please check this link.otherwise Please refund it.

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