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Steem is awesome, but there's a problem...

So many members of the steemit, dtube, dsound and other communities struggle with getting themselves out of the "dust bin" in the upvoting arena. The ideal behind the Steem blockchain is cool, but there is a problem, it helps the rich get richer but keeps the poor left in the dust. Upvote bid bots use to be a way for those on a tight budget to earn some money and benefit from this service, but the days of this being a true win-win seem to be over.

Content Producers are suppose to profit!

I feel strongly that if the Steem blockchain profits only investors, developers and witnesses, then it has failed. The primary goal for this blockchain's model should be compensating content producers, in a meritocratic way, but that's not what it is doing right now.

If it wasn't for bid bots you'd have next to no visibility without a lot of SP backing your voice, but the bid bots don't profit you, sometimes cause you to lose money, but at best you eek out a minuscule amount from their upvote after costs. You're really just gaining visibility with upvote bots. So content producers give their time and effort and get what? Jack. And that's a problem.

I'm a little guy, but I've decided to provide this service for the community. Why? Because I'm a hardcore believer in indie authors and meritocracy. If you're willing to put out unique content @hobo.media wants to help you get out of the dust bin on the Steem blockchain.

How will @Hobo.Media do this?

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There are two ways for you to profit from subscribing to the Hobo Upvote Service. You gain a 50% or more upvote which has the potential to give you 100%, 200% or even eventually 1000% return on investment by subscribing to the upvote service. Additionally, @hobo.media also has an upvote buy-back option that allows you to double your money when @hobo.media buys some of your upvotes back from you.

For example, if you're one of the first subscribers and find yourself in Group 1, you have 100 upvotes that you purchased at the price of 0.01 STEEM and if @hobo.media wants to buy it back the buy-back price is set at $0.02 SBD.

@Hobo.Media is now accepting enrollments

The Hobo Upvote Subscription program for Group 1 is open, which is going to be a smaller group of only 150 subscriptions. Steemians with only 6000 SP or less only please, because this is a program to help get bloggers out of the "dust bin" but charitable donations/delegations from whales would be deeply appreciated by everyone in the program.

Its only early enrollment, which means you get the chance to be early in Group 1 and purchase more upvotes than Group 2 will be able, however, upvoting will not begin until 100 subscribers have joined.

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You can earn a passive income from our service by delegating your stake in SteemPower to @booster. We'll be sharing 100% Liquid tokens automatically between all our delegators every time a wallet has accumulated 1K STEEM or SBD.
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