Upvote service with 2.5times of bid

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Hello everyone. Today, I am very pleased to announce that, I will start sell upvote service. I would be very grateful if you think about using it.

What are the characteristics of my upvote service?

  1. The fixed bid value, mean min = max = 0.02SBD or 0.02STEEM
  2. The minimum commit upvote value is $ 0.05
  3. Current, the service is provided manually so there will be times when you will get upvote late up to 12 hours.

How to use the service?

  1. I only provide services to those who follow me. So, please follow @hoaithu before you send your bid and link.
  2. I will check your post or reply, if the content matches the rules I will upvote it. If not, the cost will be sent back to you.
  3. The age of the post must be greater than 20 minutes and less than 5 days.

The posts I will refuse upvote include:

  1. The content is #nsfw, cheers violence, or war or racist / religious.
  2. The post was reported by @cheetah, and I check that Cheetah is true.

Also I would free RETEEM if I like your post.

I will also provide free upvote/reteem for the below cases:

  1. Posts implore for charitable activities.
  2. Posts promote peace, protection of the environment and human rights.
  3. Reply on the posts of @haccolong (with a limited number, if my voting power is too weak, I will prioritize the quality reply).

I will try to increase my SP number so that I can offer more upvote with higher value in the future. While trying to do that, I would be grateful if you use my service.
I hope to receive a message from you as soon as you read this post.

Thank you and wish you much success on Steemit.


Hehehe có hướng đi rồi à, có gì vào Discord tôi chỉ cho thêm cái này.

Đợt vừa rồi ko sẵn tiền ức chế quá đi :( khakha số còn nhọ lắm!

Bận lắm, để đẩy lên 1000SP rồi thui xếp times! Lúc đó tui sẽ hỏi 1 đống thứ!
Cảm ơn vì sẽ chờ tui. hihi

Chúc bác kinh doanh thành công nhé!

Thấy mới có 2 khách hàng thôi, chờ you! :)

Bác cập nhật số SP nữa nghe cho hoảng hốt! Viết bài quảng cáo mà quên mất tình tiết câu hàng :D

Hihi Cảm ơn @adam.tran
Mình sẽ lưu ý trong bài viết sau nè!
Chúc 1 ngày vui vẻ nhé!

đọc rồi bác ơi, ủng hộ bác nhiệt tình

Please dear @hoaithu give me free Upvote.

Dear @arukumer
I will free upvote for your reply on @haccolong 's post and your posts that meet the conditions I have given.
Write about the environment, human rights and send links to me.
OK dear!
I'll wait you!

Please Give Me a Free UpVote

Dear @rahatmahmud
I will free upvote for your reply on @haccolong 's post and your posts that meet the conditions I have given.
Write about the environment, human rights and send links to me.
You can see I have kept the word with @arukumer, I will do the same for you.

I'll wait your post!

Good luck with your business venture. I think that you need to increase the value of your wallet to earn credibility. It's a tough sell. Heck, what do I know, you need to start from somewhere right?

My vote power is small but I will improve it soon.
You know, sometimes we do not for profit purposes.
I also want to do something with your charity activities!
Waiting for you and thanks for coming here!

you are doing a job @hoaithu..

Hi ! Yes and thanks for stopping here!

I will keep this in mind.

In fact, I'll be monitoring this before I use it.

I understand that.
However, 0.02SBD is not a big loss when I do not keep committing with you.
Thank you for coming here!

Well, don't mind if I try it out in the near future.

OK my dear! Thanks a lot!

đọc vẫn éo hiểu ông ạ

Gửi 0.02SDB đến cho @hoaithu
Phần memo để link bài viết ông muốn nhận upvote.
Ông sẽ nhận được upvote giá trị là $0.05 cùng khuyến mãi là các upvote phụ.
Nếu ông có các bài đăng về mục đích từ thiện, nhân quyền và hòa bình thì gửi link vào memo mà không cần gửi SDB (gửi 0.001) cũng sẽ được upvote miễn phí!
Giờ thì thuốc hunkaka hiểu được rùi chứ :(

The posts here were made 2 month ago, so before I take your services I just wanted to ask you if 0,020 sbd are the actually price.

I will update my service, thank you have asked.
In fact, you will receive a minimum of $0.04 or max $0.05.
It depends on the value of SP.
Thank you for coming here @josua1

That's good to know, so thanks a lot for your Upvote and information.

My next Cashout is in 2 days, then I will invest the prophit and use your services. :)

Ok, you're really trustworthy in my opinion (it's pity, but that's seldom by some services on Steemit), so I've send you 0.020 sbd + link of my post and when it works I will take you services more often in future, because I'm a loyal client and know to appreciate a good service. ;-)

Oh no, I sent you the money when my new post was 13 minutes old, is this a problem??

Don't worry about this, I'm still upvote by hand. I have not used BOT yet. So everything will be sent back to you when it is out of rule or other problems. You may have to wait up to 12 hours for the service.
Thanks for your understanding!

Hi @hoaithu, you have received an upvote from haccolong. I'm the Vietnamese Community bot developed by witness @quochuy and powered by community SP delegations.

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